What is Nigerian english?

What is pidgin English?

Would you say Nigerian English is any different form UK English or US English? Do you speak the proper language or Pidgin English and what is the difference? Can you write Pidgin English? 

What is nigerian english? pidgin

What is your opinion and experience?

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Nigerian English also known as Nigerian Standard English is a dialect of English spoken in Nigeria. This is based on British English, but in recent years, because of increasing contact with the United States, some words of American English origins have made it on Nigerian English. In addition, some new words and expressions appeared from the language that come from the need to Express concepts specific to the culture of the country (for example, the bride-price, senior wife).

Nigerian pidgin language, pidgin language derived from English, is more used in informal conversations than Nigerian English, although Nigerian Standard English is used in politics, media and other office uses.

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