What is Sun vs. Earth size?

What do you know about the size of the Sun? How big is our planet? Read the article to find out!

Sun and Earth

Once upon a time people thought that our planet Earth is in the center of the Universe, Galaxy, and our System. Nevertheless, modern people understand that it`s not right. Astronomy showed us that we circle the Sun. The Sun is in the center of our System, and all planets of our system go around the Sun. We should be thankful to the Sun for the warmth it gives us. Without Sun, we wouldn`t have the process of photosynthesis which makes our planet green and filled with oxygen. Nevertheless, some people still wondering what is Sun vs. Earth size. We know for sure that Sun is bigger, but how much bigger?

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Sun size

Scientists concluded some ideas about the structure of our star. The radius of the core of the star can be from 150 to 175 thousand kilometers.  Helium is formed in a core and provides continuous nuclear reaction. Therefore, it provides a tremendous amount of energy space.


Earth size

The structure of the Earth is similar to the Sun. The center of our planet is the core, the radius of which is equal to about 3.5 thousand km. It`s assumed that it consists of two parts, between which periodically may occur the so-called transition zone. The center is a solid core with a radius of 1,300 km, from the outside it enveloped with a liquid outer core. Our Earth needs 365 days to make the full circle our mother star. It means to cover a tremendous amount of road which will never get to the same point.

Sun with Earth

Sun with Earth

What is bigger? We only have one obvious answer. The core of the Sun is bigger than the whole radius of the Earth which measures 6371 kilometers. If you desire to understand it practically, then you can take a basketball ball and needle. The head of the needle will represent our earth, and the basketball ball would be the Sun. Therefore, you have a practical demonstration of Sun with Earth-size.

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