What is the best tactics to win arguments?

Do you want to win all arguments? There are effective ways to do it! Find out the best tactics which will help you to win arguments.


If you have many genial ideas, they mean nothing if you don’t know how to communicate them to others and convince people that they are valuable. There are some effective techniques which will help you to win arguments.

Things which you should avoid doing in arguments:

1.     Never get distracted

Your opponent may try to fight you by introducing you new topics which are irrelevant to the subject. However, you always should be attentive, firm and watchful to be able to notice it.  You may tell: “This is a completely different issue which I will be happy to discuss later, but now let’s deal with our major problem.”


2.    Never get personal

You should attack the issue, not the person. Therefore avoid direct assaults on your opponent’s honesty, lifestyle or integrity. If you opponent attacks you, don’t respond with the same behavior. You can take the high ground and answer:”I am impressed that you are making personal attacks. I think it would be better if we stuck to the main issue here rather than maligning people.”

3.    Never focus on weak points if you have stronger ones

It means that if you have four strong arguments and two weak, you should only focus on strong. If you carry on and use the weaker arguments then, your opponent can rebut them and make your overall case look weaker. It is also important to ask for agreement and make your points convincing.

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Things which you should do:

1.    Use facts for your position

Gather some relevant information to support your position before the argument. You can use various statistics, surveys, results of the research and quotes from relevant people. These are really useful arguments, which it is hard to refute.

2.    Stay calm

Always stay cool and control your emotions even though you get too passionate about your point. If you lose your temper, you will lose the argument.

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3.    Be logic

To undermine your opponent, use logic to build the case, showing how one idea follows another.

4.    Listen carefully

Most people are too focused on their points, so they don’t listen what their opponent has to say.  This way they assume their arguments. Therefore it is better to be very attentive and listen. This way you will observe the flaws and weaknesses of the position of your opponent. You also will hear something informative and new that is why it is better not to miss this opportunity.

5.    Study your opponent

If you know the values, beliefs, weaknesses, and strengths of your adversary. This way you can use their weaknesses and turn their arguments against them.

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6.    Appeal to higher values

Use a little emotion and appeal to higher values which are hard to disagree. For example, you can use some expressions like this: “Shouldn’t we all make the world safer and better for our children?”

7.    Be prepared to concede your point

If your opponent makes a good point, then agree. You shouldn’t argue every his argument, this way you will look reasonable. However, if you agree with his argument, outweigh it with a different one, for example: “I agree with you that that apple good for our health. However, according to the recent research, eating a lot of apples can cause pains in the stomach.”

 Be prepared to concede your point

8.    Ask questions

If you ask the question, you will be able to control the discussion. There are different types of questions you should ask. The first one is hypothetical questions that bring your adversary difficulty. For instance, you may ask: ‘What would happen if every nation did that?’. The second type is challenging questions such as: ‘What evidence do you have for that claim?’ Another useful type of question is one that calmly provokes your foe, ‘What is about this that makes you so angry?’

9.    Look for a win-win

Always try to find the compromise, when you and your opponent will be satisfied with the outcome.

Sneaky tactics:

Sneaky tactics:

1.    Humiliate and make fun of the opponent

This tip is only will be effective in front of the audience, but when you are alone, it will not work.

2.    Distract

Use arguments which will distract your adversary from the main point.

3.    Provoke your opponent

Find out something that makes him or her angry and use this emotion. Keep concentrating only on this point until they lose their temper and the argument will be ended.

4.    Contradict confidently

Condemn all arguments of your opponent.

5.    Overstate your opponent’s position

Tory to exaggerate the point of your opponent, so it will seem totally unreasonable and then present this idea in a ridiculous way.


6.    Use punchy one-liners.

You can sometimes throw your opponent out of his stride by interjecting a confident, concise cliché. Here are some good ones:

•    Don’t compare apples and oranges.

•    That begs the question.

•    You're defensive.

•    What are your parameters?

•    That is beside the point.

Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between the debate in front of the audience and the argument without any other people watching. If you have argument only with another person, try to find ways to reach a compromise. In you are in front of the audience, use any techniques and any methods which you like.  Humor is one of the most effective tools in this case.

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