What is the Guinness World Record number of babies delivered by a woman at once?

Do you know what record set a woman according to the Guinness World Records Book when she gave birth to her babies? How many babies did she have? Keep reading to learn more.

Guinness world records most babies

What a surprising news about one brave woman who was given a privilege of becoming a mother for eleven boys. A woman named Maria Hernandes from Indianapolis came to a hospital on the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy. She came with her husband who was supporting her during the labor that lasted for more than two hours.

The doctors were shocked for many reasons. Not only the woman felt surprisingly well after giving birth to eleven children, but she was able to give birth without a caesarean section. This procedure is very common when women have more than one baby. However, Maria Hernandes that was registered by the Guinness World Records Book as the one giving birth to the most spectacular number of children had enough health to do it without the operation.

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The other surprising factor is that six of the boys are identical twins. That is a huge number of twins in the family. All the children weigh somewhere around one to one and a half pounds and were in a stable condition when taken to the intensive care of the hospital. By the way, this miracle took place in the Riley Children’s Hospital.

Guinness world records babies born

Moreover, this should also be considered a miracle because Maria Hernandes and her husband could not have children. They have tried for some time, and after consulting their doctor who told them, they should seek alternative ways of conceiving they have decided to give In-Vitro option a shot. That is how a woman ended up having eleven children altogether.

According to the Guinness World Records Book, this is the highest number of babies being delivered at the same time. And personally, I would also give a round of applause to a heroic woman who got the courage to go through this much pain for her children and her family. Way to go Maria Hernandes!

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