What is the largest city in Africa

What is the largest city in Africa by population? And by area? If you find these questions interesting, read and find out!

There are 37 cities with populations over 1 million people on the territory of Africa. Cairo, the state capital of Egypt, is the largest city in Africa by population. It is home to more than 17 million people, which is almost a third of Egypt's population.


This huge modern metropolis was once a small military camp that was developed by the commander Amr ibn al-Ace. The city's name comes from the Arabic al-Qahira, which means "victorious". Thanks to its convenient location in the Nile Delta, Cairo gradually evolved from a small settlement into a wealthy and influential city in the heart of the Arab world.

The trade of the spices, products from ceramics and precious metals brought huge profits, which benefited the city a lot. There were luxurious palaces and mosques built in Cairo. So after a while Cairo became the largest city to the west of China. Today it is a major political, economic and cultural center of Egypt and whole Africa.


Cairo is located on the north of Egypt's, a bit southern than the delta of the Nile River. The city can be divided in two parts: the old part and the modern one. The Old Town is located on the east bank of the Nile. It is a traditional Islamic part of the city. It is an area of ​​ancient mosques, narrow streets and sets of apartments.

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The modern part of the capital of Egypt is not really different from the majority of the world's megacities. There you can see the most recently built buildings – the ones for the government and for the business centers.

Religious center

Like thousands of years ago, religion still has a huge impact on the life of the citizens today. The capital of Egypt is the most important religious center of the Arab world. The Al-Azhar Mosque is situated there. It is the global center for the studying and interpreting of Islam.

There are about 500 mosques and temples in Cairo. Each of them is a magnificent example of the Islamic architecture. The most famous of them are Al-Azhar mosque, which is also a university, a mosque of Sultan Hassan and Mohammed Ali Mosque.

largest city

There is also the famous Egyptian museum in Cairo. It contains the most extensive collection in the art world of and everyday life of the ancient Egypt. There are 120 thousand exhibits and the most popular of them are mummies and sarcophagi of Egyptian pharaohs and the objects from the tombs of the great Egyptian rulers, including King Tutankhamun.

One of the main attractions of the modern part of Cairo is Cairo Tower

It is the television tower which is187 meters high. There is an observation deck and a revolving restaurant on top of it.

There is no doubt that the most visited attraction of the capital of Egypt is the famous pyramids of Giza. The ancient pyramids of Egyptian pharaohs are the reason for most of the people to visit the country. They are located in a suburb of Giza not far from Cairo. It is also home to the famous Great Sphinx.

Cape Town

cape town

It is a city in the southwest of South Africa (South Africa) is one of the largest cities by size in Africa. It is located on the Atlantic coast, on the peninsula of the Cape of Good Hope, near the "Table Mountain". Its area is 2455 square km which makes it the largest city in Africa by land mass. This city is often called the most beautiful city in the world and it is also the most visited tourist destination in South Africa due to the amazing nature.

But the largest city in Africa by area is Kinshasa - the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its area is ​​almost 10 thousand square kilometers. Before 1966, the city was called Leopoldville. The population of Kinshasa is more than 10 million people. But 60 percent of the city is a sparsely populated rural area, which is located within the city limits.

Densely populated areas occupy a small part of the territory on the west of the city. Nevertheless, Kinshasa is a third in the list of the largest cities by area in the world. The city is located along the south coast of the Congo River.

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