What is the largest country in Africa

What is the largest country in Africa and what are the interesting facts about it? Read this article and learn more about the culture.

Africa is a large continent which is located in the eastern hemisphere and currently consists of 54 countries.


The largest country in African continent is Algeria. It’s located in the north of Africa. Its area is 2,381,741 square kilometers.  Most of the territory is occupied by the Sahara desert, so the majority of the population (93%) is concentrated on the coastal strip of the Mediterranean Sea and in the foothills of the Atlas Tel.

The largest country in Africa now has a population of about 34 million people. The most people living there are Arabs (about 83%) and the Berbers make up about 17%. Official language is Arabic, but Berber dialects and French are also common.

Algeria is divided into two climatic zones. There is a subtropical Mediterranean climate on the north side and a tropical climate in the Sahara desert. There is only up to 50 mm of rain in the desert every year. But there is a lot more rain in the mountainous part of the country - up to 400-1200 mm every year.


The largest river of Algeria is Sheliff and its length is about 700 km. Most of the rivers are shallow so they dry up during the dry season.

The subsoil is something that Algeria is proud of. All the oil and gas is produced here. The trade of these products provides the most of the governmental money.

The culture of Algeria is also very broad and exciting

It is highly influenced by the country’s history. There are a lot of sports in Algeria. For example, a few decades ago running was really popular there. Boughera El Ouafi and Alain Mimoun are the well-known athletes who got medals in Olympic Games. However, the most popular sport nowadays is football, like in many other countries.

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As for the traditional cuisine, it’s different in every region of Algeria. Couscous and Chorba are very famous dishes but some of the ingredients depend on the side of the country. The cakes are also a part of the cuisine. The most popular ones are named Tamina, Chrik and Makroud.

The second biggest country by area is the Republic of the Congo (2,345,000 sq km) and the third is Sudan (1,886,000 sq. Km).

The largest country in Africa by population is Nigeria.


Our country is home for about 180 million people. This is the 7th most populous country in the world. Nigeria is a multinational country. There are about 250 indigenous nations and tribes living on its territory.

The official language of Nigeria is English. However, more than 500 languages are spoken here. The people who live here normally speak several languages. The main social problems of Nigeria are the huge amount of people infected with AIDS and low life expectancy.

The area of Nigeria is 923,768 square kilometers. It is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. Rivers Niger and Benue divide the country in two parts. There are coastal plains in the south and low plateaus in the north. Most of the country consists of the coastal plains. And there is the Gulf of Guinea in the west.

Also, Nigeria sells cocoa and rubber.

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Ethiopia is considered to be the second country in Africa in terms of population. It is home to 101,595,000 people.

The third place belongs to Egypt – there are 93,624,000 people living there.

The smallest country by area in Africa is Seychelles, which is located on the islands. Its area is only 454 square kilometers and the population is about 87 million people. Sao Tome and Principe is also a very small country. Its area is only 1001 square kilometers. It is the second less inhabited country in Africa too -its population is 87.48 million people.

The smallest country by population on the African continent is Senegal. The number of inhabitants there is about 15 000 000. The area of ​​Senegal is 196 000 sq.km. Therefore, the population density of it is only 51 people per sq km.

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