What is the largest fish in the world?

How big can a fish grow? These 5 largest fish types are amazing!


Fish is common and no one gets surprised to see those creatures. However, when you meet the largest fish in the world, you certainly have a hard time of staying calm! So, which one is the largest fish in the world? Let’s find out.

5 largest species of fish presently inhabiting our planet:

We tend to think that large size is related to strength and violence. But is that true when we talk about the largest fish in the world? Let’s get the 5 top list.

5. White shark

Size and killing instincts of this fish make it one of the scariest creatures in the sea. They can grow up to 6.4 meters in length and be over 750 kg in weight. Some stories tell the fishermen caught a white shark of 10 meters in length!

These massive predators have 50 sharp teeth in their mouth. It’s only the “working teeth”, but their overall amount may come up to over 300! Huge and dangerous!

Whale shark

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4. European sturgeon

They also call the fish Beluga. It lives in the sea, but goes to the fresh waters to spawn. In the past they have caught species of over 7 meters in length. For instance one such huge fish was photographed back in 1827. Its weight amounted to 1.5 tons! It’s a real monster!

European sturgeon

3. Greenland Shark

Length – 7.3 meters! It abides in the northern seas. A huge fish like that may weigh over 1000 kg. once they caught a species with 14000 kg in weight!

 Greenland Shark

2. Baskin shark

This huge fish may grow up to 8 meters in length. However, its size is not related to being bloodthirsty. It eats plankton by filtrating the water with its enormous mouth.

Basking shark

1. Whale shark

The amazing length of this fish may reach over 12 meters! It’s bigger than the school bus! The weight amazes – over 21 tons! Some people tell the tales of finding such sharks with the length of over 14 meters. These are the real fish giants, but they are harmless, as they also feed on the plankton. It’s hard to imagine how much flesh it would need to eat feeding on other fish or sea life.

Whale shark

As you see, fish can be quite impressive in size. God has made wonderful creatures to abide in the seas.

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