What is the longest bridge in Africa

Do you know what the longest bridge in Africa is? Learn a lot of interesting facts about it.

Despite the fact that Africa is a beautiful continent, there are not many distinctive and famous bridges on its territory. The longest bridge is in South Africa


 It is called the Bloukrans (it’s the name of the river, which it crosses). The River East Cape is situated near Kakadu and Western Cape is near the Eden area.

The total length of the bridge is 451 meters; the length of the only span is 272 meters. The maximum height from the road to the water surface is 216 meters, which makes the bridge Bloukrans the 36th on the list of the highest bridges in the world and the 66th on the list of the arch bridges with the longest spans.

The width of the bridge is 16 meters and it is supported by 23 pairs of columns.

The construction of the bridge lasted from February 1980 to June 1983 and the opening took place on June 10, 1983, five months ahead of the schedule.

The cost of the construction amounted to 11 million rand. When it was finished, it became the largest concrete arch bridge in Africa and the fourth in the world.

The weight of the main arch was about 12 thousand tons.

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Bloukrans Bridge is a part of the Road N2. The nearest town is the village of Coldstream Nature's Valley.


The bridge is a point of a commercial bungee jumping Bloukrans Bridge Bungy. It is the highest in the world.

 The person is experiencing about 160 meters during the flight. In 1990, the Bloukrans Bridge was claimed as the first bungee jump bridge in Africa.

The longest Bridge in East Africa

This bridge was built by the Chinese companies. It is located in Tanzania. The length of the bridge is 680 meters and its width is 32 meters.

 The bridge is located above the Kurasini bay; its main section is made of the reinforced concrete and has a two-sided support of the suspension cable. Pedestrians and cyclists are happy to use this bridge.

 There are also 7 buildings built on the territory of the bridge. Those are the buildings for the administration, police, emergency medical services, fire stations and laboratories.

 The bridge was built in a way that all the ships are able to fit underneath the bay. It was spent more than 98 million dollars on the construction of the bridge. They had to work for 4 years.

The longest bridge in West Africa

It is situated in Senegal, Saint-Louis. The bridge was built in 1987 by the famous architect Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

 An interesting fact is that this bridge was originally designed not for an African town. They wanted to put it in Europe, along the Danube River. The length of the bridge is 507 meters.

Here are some of the most famous bridges in Africa.

The bridge across the White Nile to Juba, Sudan. Juba Bridge crosses the river White Nile in Southern Sudan.

The bridge consists of the steel beams. It was being designed for many years (and it was later built in the early 1980s), and it connects Juba and Uganda.

Sidi Rashed, Constantine.


Sidi Rashed is a bridge across the gorge in the city of Constantine.

The bridge consists of 27 spans and the arch is situated at an altitude of 100 meters above the river. The construction was completed in 1912.

The "Victoria Falls" bridge.

victoria falls

It was built in 1905. It is the steel arch bridge with two rail bars. Its height is 125 meters above the river and it’s 250 meters long.

King Fahd Bridge, Bahrain.

The construction began in 1968 by the Dutch company Ballast Nedam Group and lasted almost 20 years.


The opening took place only in 1986. The cost of the project is about $ 1.2 billion.

The bridge across the river Van Stadens, Cape Town.

 It is the arch bridge over the river Van Stadens. It was built in 1971 in South Africa. The total length of the bridge is 360 m.

Sidi M`sid , Algeria.

It is the largest suspension bridge in Africa. Single-span Bridge Sidi M'Sid has the length of 168 meters.


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The bridge is not only a place, evoke a romantic mood, but also an architectural masterpiece. Worldwide built a huge number of bridges and among them are very interesting and fascinating instances. Take a closer look with the most interesting buildings, as well as find out what bridge is the longest bridge in the world. Now a few interesting facts.

The longest wooden bridge is only 500 meters and was built already in 1849 in Myanmar.

The longest natural bridge was formed in the United States. In height he is 88,4 meters, and the length of 83.8 meters. Did this creation of nature due to erosion of the flow rocks.

We conclude our list of the shortest, but at the same time, international SovEcon island bridge, which connects two small Islands of Canada and the United States. The length of this building is only 10 meters.

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