What is the meaning of bae?

Dream to learn all the latest popular words? Do you want to know the meaning of bae? How did it appear? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about this word here!

the meaning of bae

Initially, the meaning of bae was an abbreviation of ‘before anyone else’, but more often it is used as an abbreviation of the word ‘baby’. In general speaking English is full of all sorts of cuts, however there are not too long words at all. People call boyfriends, girls and close friends (in the women's circle) bae.

What's the meaning of bae?

meaning of bae

During past several years, you have already had to explain what the word ‘bae’ means to your grandma, mom, your uncle or maybe your older co-worker, school teacher, or your mom's friend Jamala.

So let's examine all the facts: according to famous Urban Dictionary and also my middle-school-aged kids, ‘bae’ has become an acronym for ‘before anyone else’. However, bae is most frequently used as a short substitute for ‘baby’, ‘babe’. ‘Bae’ can be used in order to refer to something that is extremely outstanding; you'd love dating it if you could.

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‘Bae’ is often used as a noun, as in popular ‘when you see bae’ memes. ‘Bae’ is just like all other teen culture slang — a word that initially shows that you know the mainstream. Using it symbolizes that you're desperately trying to stay young and follow the trend.

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Perhaps the modern teenagers are not the best source of knowledge about grammar and correct pronunciation, but it is possible to find a lot of bright and intensive expressions that become useful for everyone.

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