What is the oldest civilization on Earth?

History of our civilization is full of mystery and secrets. There are a lot of questions without answers. What civilization is considered to be the oldest on Earth?

Historians debate will never stop on which is the oldest civilization on Earth, where they came from, what was its name. These questions have for many years occupied the minds of scientists. There are discussions about which of the first civilizations on Earth to be considered the most ancient.

The rating of the first civilizations we suggest today is the most updated. Meet first five.

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The Aborigines of Australia

Many scientists are supporters of the fact that on the Australian mainland the civilization of the natives appeared among the first. Their way of life left an imprint on their life, culture, traditions and customs. For a long time, their culture considered to be primitive, but it was gorgeous enough, just too mysterious for us.



This civilization was mentioned by Plato. It existed around the Strait of Gibraltar and sank due to a powerful earthquake. Many scientists doubt about its existence.



There is a point of view that the vast and mysterious continent that existed more than 80 thousand years ago lived in the early civilization on Earth called Lemuria. It died because of a powerful earthquake. Some scientists believe that one of the achievements of this civilization was the construction of stone buildings.


The ancient Slavs

There are no exact data about the lifetime of the civilization called Hyperborea. After changing the axis of rotation of the planet began to modify the climate that led to the resettlement of the Slavs to other lands. Relocation and redistribution provided the basis for the formation of new civilizations. Its prosperity of Slavic civilization reached in the 7th-9th centuries.


The Sumerians

The majority of scholars among the early Sumerian civilizations emit, considering that it is the most ancient.

The temple of the Sumerians

It is usually called the oldest civilization on Earth from nowhere.

Sumer is the oldest civilization in the world, as most scientists believe. The time it appeared – about the end of the fourth Millennium BC.

The most puzzling fact that almost no one can explain where it came from. Assume that the Sumerians refer to an ancient Semitic tribe that once lived on our planet.

But this is all speculation, no evidence of this still exists. During the research, there were no links between the Sumerians and the Semitic tribes. They were two entirely different civilizations, though both were the oldest.

Up to the present time, it is not known which race the Sumerians belonged to. All events that are in some degree connected with this civilization are shrouded in mystery. They remain a mystery to scientists as well.


Secrets of the Sumerian civilization

The ancient civilization left behind many secrets and unsolved mysteries. They make archaeologists around the world are still engaged in excavation and research a little bit to the bottom of this mystery.

Most scientists associate with the Sumerians such cultural events as


the first skills in the treatment of metals;

the invention of the wheel;

the emergence of the Potter's wheel.


After the Sumerians left a lot of manuscripts, deciphering which scientists never ceases to amaze. It turns out that this civilization knew even then, to what our science has reached only relatively recently.

The Sumerians used a ternary number system. It is employed in modern computers.

The Sumerians were familiar with the principle of the Golden Section.

Possessed a profound knowledge in chemistry, astronomy, physics and other sciences.


The Sumerians first learned to make soap.

For the first time produced beer.

According to archaeological finds, the Sumerians first learned to make and burn the bricks.

Sumerian builders were able to build beautiful temples and palaces, which its beauty surpassed many modern buildings.

The state system they were at a high level. They had a government, court, laws that protect citizens.


A stone with ancient writing

It is necessary to consider that it was the Sumerians when Ancient Greece and Rome did not exist. The level of development of Sumerian civilization was very close to modern society.

It was a civilization that had their ideas about beauty. During excavations was found a plate depicting Proverbs, poems and the whole works is about adventure.

Archaeologists on the habitat of the Sumerians found mine which mined gold. Why did they need such a large amount of precious metal in the stone age? The likely response can be obtained if we look at Sumerian mythology.


Myths of the Sumerians

By studying the records of this ancient civilization, scientists have learned that the Sumerians knew that the sun revolved 12 planets. Those who are well-known currently and another between Jupiter and Mars called Nabiru.

This planet had such an elongated orbit that appeared in the solar system once in 3600 years. According to modern astronomers, it should pass near our planet in the interval between 2100 and 2158 years.

According to Sumerian records, more than 4 billion years ago there was a catastrophe so tremendous that it changed the whole solar system, many planets changed the tilt of its axis.

According to the Sumerians, a mysterious world picking up on our land came the Anunnaki. By the way, even in the Scriptures, there is a mention of "descended from heaven." They were incredibly tall, from 4 to 5 meters, with a broad face and black hair. On the pictures they always have large protruding ears, in their understanding, it is a symbol of wisdom.

According to the mythology of the Sumerians, the Anunnaki created earthlings with the intention that they were engaged in gold mining. First attempts of extraction of precious metal from the waters of the Persian Gulf have been unsuccessful. Then the search started in the mines.


For explanation, an enormous amount of gold was required for the protection of the atmosphere picking up gold dust. It is worth mentioning that such technology is currently used in space projects. The gold was shipped to the planet once in 3600 years when it most closely approached the Earth.

In the annals of the Sumerians can find a lot of fascinating and mysterious information that is quite difficult to be understood now. All this is perceived as myths and notions of the ancient civilization. Having all this at the dawn of humankind is impossible.

The question is, which civilization is the oldest. The answer is problematic. There are many versions and theories, but one thing is for sure: Sumerian is the most enigmatic and mysterious.

Despite the fact that research has provided a lot of information about this civilization, we still do not know where it came from with such a wealth of knowledge. What is certain is that for many years scientists around the world will be employed in the search for answers to this question. And we in the future will have to digest a lot of new information. Let's hope that it will be more entertaining and informative.

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