What is the origin of the wedding ring?

Do you know where the wedding rings come from? And do you how many varieties have existed during the past centuries. Read this article to find out!

wedding ring origins

The wedding ring also called the wedding band is a ring, which is often produced of metal, indicating that the one who wears it is married. Depending on the culture of the region, the married people usually wear this metal sign of fidelity on the base of the left or the right ring finger.
The tradition to wear these rings is goes back in many centuries. It has been manifested as one of the wedding customs of many nations and groups based on religion.
There are a lot of forms of the wedding rings, most frequently they are made of gold or some other precious metal.


ancient egypr wedding ring

Many historicists claim that the first signs of wearing the wedding rings were found in the ancient Egypt. These historical relics date back as far as 6,000 years ago. They include papyrus scrolls and they are considered evidences of braided rings which were exchanged among a wedded couple.
For Egyptians the circle signified a symbol of eternity. So these wedding ring were serving to express the love between the couple which never ends.
It is also known that Egyptians were wearing the wedding rings on the left hand’s ring finger. They believed that the rings were housing some special vein which led directly to the heart of its wearer. This vein is called Vena amoris.

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Styles through the history

gimmel rings

Husband throughout the Europe were gifting their beloved ones the gimmel rings during the 16th and 17th centuries. A gimmel ring was kind of a puzzle ring, it was composed of two interlocking bands. The groom and his bride were obliged to wear them while they were engaged. At the day of their wedding these two bands were united to one combined ring. And then, the wife had to wear this ring all the time.

poesy rings

During the most romantic time in the history, the period of the Renaissance the poesy rings were used for expressing love. They were produced in the form of a band, made of sterling silver. These rings were inscribed with a poem or another type of poesy therefore its name.

puzzle rings

There is a huge number of other wedding ring styles throughout the history, depending on cultures and regions.  During the Byzantine era the wedding rings depicted Christ. In the Middle East the wedding rings were represented by puzzle rings. These rings had to be worn correctly so they could form a cohesive band. The reason for this complicated instruction was that the wife wouldn’t take off the wedding ring. And if she took it off, the husband would always found it out.



These old rings are amazing!

I know, some modern jewelers create smth like that of contemporary metal http://lalaserengraving.com/tungsten-rings/

btw: russian orthodoxes wear wedding ring on the right hand. why?

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