What is the richest state in Nigeria?

What states are included in the list of the richest states in Nigeria? What is the history of the richest Nigerian city? Read the article to learn more facts about it.

Top 5 richest states in Nigeria

The richest state in Nigeria today

The capital of Nigeria, the city of Abuja has been based and built on designed model planned on the basis of the modern functionality of 80th. It is located on the state capital territory, which is the richest state in Nigeria. So it is one of the most modern cities on the planet. This city exists only 25 years as capital as it becomes the capital in 1991. Its functions are generally political, administrative, and cultural in some relation. Everything that makes this city is laws, decrees and so on. There is neither industry nor sightseeing in it. The situation, because of which it has been decided to move the capital, has evolved from two moments: firstly, because of religious and ethnic disagreements, and secondly, just because of overpopulation of Lagos.

Today about 170 thousand people live in the city, except for suburbs with the population about 600 thousand in total. On geographical reference points, it is very easy to find this city on the card as it is located on the main part of the South from the well-known rock of Aso-Rock, the monolith created by water erosion. Frankly speaking, it is the only example of sights, which is territorially defined by the capital of the country. There is still a couple of the capital sights visited by tourists and worth attention. It is the National Nigerian Mosque and the National Christian center. Also, there are several city parks in the city center.

list of the richest states in Nigeria

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The state capital territory, or Rivers state, is the most expensive and the richest state in Nigeria. However, there is no even sewerage on suburbs of the city. The poorest residents of the capital live there. In general, this picture not really improves the image of such expensive and rich city. As Nigerians and representatives of other countries of Africa consider, such situation has to be surely corrected by means of the budgetary investments irrespective of financial insolvency of inhabitants of the suburb.

It is the owner of the first place in the list of the richest states in Nigeria. But what about other states?

Top 5 richest states in Nigeria

  • Rivers,
  • Lagos,
  • Enugu,
  • Delta,
  • Katsina.


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