What is to-do list of every Nigerian to complete before 30?

Why is it so important to learn foreign languages and drive a car? How to understand and accept yourself and not to regret in the future? Read the article to learn the main points for every Nigerian.

Important to-do things

In childhood, time goes so slowly that it seems that everything is still ahead, and life will be eternal. But with ages weeks, days and hours are faster. So you shouldn’t waste your time – create your own to-do checklist.

Many of us understand how important is time when learning to accept imperfections and love someone, to choose what makes us happy. Time is also necessary to enjoy life, simply because it is the only one and will never repeat again. Read our list of 15 things to do for every Nigerian.

Important to-do things

  • To fulfill a dream. You dream to play a violin or to pilot planes, but you constantly persuade yourself not to spend precious time on nonsense? Desires not disappear anywhere with age, and time will be just missed. Let dreams come true!
  • Travel. In 70 years, you will hardly go to Vietnam or across Europe by car. Such kind of travelling is for young people. So it is not necessary to postpone them for a long time: standard round to Prague will wait.
  • Take care of yourself. The earlier you will begin to care of yourself, the longer your youth will be extended. And the case is not in wrinkles, but in a general condition of your organism, which will be grateful to you for regular and timely care. Look for creams, sport and diet, which will be suitable for you.

to-do checklist

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  • Accept yourself. Wise people say that happiness is a character and nothing else. Of course, you have shortcomings as anyone else, but the nature has not deprived you of advantages too. Accept yourself completely: fall in love with your character and tendency to unreasonable expenditures. The infinite self-reflection just deprives your life of pleasure, freedom and harmony.
  • Participation in social projects. It perfectly broadens horizons and makes our life filled. The younger you are, the more benefit you will manage to bring to others! One more side effect: in the future, you will be felt necessary, and it is an important thing for all elderly people without any exception.
  • The question ‘What people will think of me?’ has stopped many fine undertakings and has crippled not one destiny. Why is it so important what strangers, sellers in shop or neighbors will think about you? The opinion of foreign people shall not exert impacts on your life, otherwise at mature age you will turn into old grumbling person, who is eternally dissatisfied with everything. Think of it otherwise – will people around change if you think of them bad? No? That why should you?!
  • To learn foreign language. It is, of course, not the most interesting point in our list, but one of the most useful. The older you become, the worse your memory is and the more difficult foreign languages are for you. But it's hard without them presently.

things to do

  • To pass driving test. To learn to drive a car of course is possible also on pension, but the younger you are, the sharper your reaction is and the higher learning ability is. Even if you have no car yet, the right to drive will absolutely definitely not be superfluous: in foreign travel, you will always be able to lease a car and to sweep over all the country!
  • Forget about your fears. Everyone has fears, and it is normal – self-preservation instinct works so. But not all fears are equally useful, and some are simply harmful! If you usually are afraid to undertake something new and constantly worry, you will be the worst, so it will be a high time to catch a little bravery. Sometimes serious work with yourself is required for this purpose.
  • Love your parents. You are you offended on them? It is senseless to be angry and sort out the relations: you all the same will have no other relatives, so it is necessary to accept and love these. By the way, it will improve also your relations with your own children.
  • To make a photo-shoot. It will be pleasant to tell grandsons how you were good in youth, but it is better to be stocked with documentary evidence. Let know what beauty were their grandmother and grandfather!

things to do for every Nigerian

  • To make a party with friends. There is nothing more cheerfully than it. But the more old you become the more difficult it is to find time for such actions. Years will pass, and you will feel lack of these cheerful and carefree meetings very much. Tradition to spend time with your company is necessary to try to keep to old age, but it is worth beginning already now: go to cafe, lease a limousine or arrange SPA days.
  • Learn to forgive yourself. Yes, sometimes you make mistakes. All make them, but own flaws seem a catastrophic crash for us. But most often nothing irreparable occurs. Forgive yourself for everything here and now, tomorrow and in three years. Fixed sense of guilt leads in depressive bog. If you do not learn self-forgiveness in youth, you will never do it.
  • Accept your age. Age of happiness is not obligatory carefree youth. Any period of our life can become one. The earlier you realize it, the happier and freer life will be.
  • Build house of your dream. Yes, it is possible that you do not have enough money for realizing all the design ideas. But do not wait: save them, break and build new walls, draw fancy sketches and realize them. At mature age, you will hardly decide on such adventure!

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