What mammal is the most likely to kill its own kind?

Particular mammals are killing the ones of their own kind, and this can make them extinct in the long run. Let’s see what scholars say about other mammals that have increased the level of violence present in their behavior.

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As the recent study by Spanish researchers has shown, there are mammals that have a greater level of violence present in the way they treat other species of their kind. This study was conducted by Spanish scholars that were willing to explore the question of violence among mammals. For this reason, they analyzed at least a thousand of mammals and their behavioristic types to see which one of them are likely to be violent to their “fellows.”

As it turned out, out of four million deaths that happened to more than a thousand different mammal species meerkats are the most violent ones. The scientists from the University of Granada located in Spain noted a few days ago that they were surprised with the results of the study. They compared the deaths statistics and cases of mammals with those among people. According to their words, they have chosen around six hundred cases of human deaths to see the real results.

The most surprising part of the deaths cases and violence expression is that there is the absolute similarity in those of humans and those of meerkats. Moreover, no one would expect funny-looking meerkats to be so violent whatsoever.

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However, even though the aim of the study was to reveal what kind of mammals is most likely to kill the species of its own kind, the scholars did not just stop there. They have decided to check what other mammals are rather violent. The absolute leaders of this list turned out to be meerkats and red-tailed monkeys. At least one-fifth of their deaths is a murder by the other mammal of this kind.

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Among other violent mammals are lemurs of different types, lions, mongoose, wolves, sifakas, pumas, leopards, marmots, bats, caracals, wild dogs, chinchillas, ground squirrels, and capuchins. The scholars were astonished that, for instance, lemur kills each other more often than lions or that dama gazelles murder each other more frequently than wild dogs.

Finally, the scientists did not stop their exploration there. They decided to find out more details about the behavior of meerkats in the wild, and here is what they have found out. They are even more cruel than you would think. The statistics that shows that at least each fifth meerkat is killed by one of their own kind are not even the end.

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Some of the parents of the “family” of meerkats can murder their children in case they seem to be too strong to control and manipulate. This data was provided by one of the prominent print media we know, National Geographic.

The statistics about murder among humans is less horrifying yet very sobering. People that lived from five to thirty centuries ago showed that the number of murders varied from between one-third to one-sixth of all the deaths. However, as the governments organized courts and started implementation of strict laws and limitations, the number of lethal cruelty was cut significantly.

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Moreover, another barrier that prevents humans from murdering each other is the society they live in. In case this society judges murders, people are less likely to commit law-breaking acts of this kind. As a result, the percentage of murders is now two hundred percent lower than it used to be before. So a crime happens once in every ten thousand deaths.

Therefore, we cannot be compared to meerkats in the level of violence we show. However, if you look at the statistics from a different angle, humans still are very cruel creatures. Among each 100 murders, at least one is being done by a person related to the victim by blood. How violent is this?

However, this data is not 100% precise and can vary depending on the scholar making an analysis, but it reveals the dark sides of a human essence. Do not get too sad about this reality. Let it rather be a challenge for you to make a difference and bring good to the world where people and animals are cruel and violent at times. Be different and fight to make a difference here!

Check out the YouTube video of meerkats below. Can you believe these cuties can be dangerous after all?

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