What market is the largest in Nigeria?

What market is the largest in Nigeria? Where is it located? What are the most unique goods being sold there? Continue reading our article to know more interesting facts about Lekki market.

Nigerian markets

Nigerian markets have always been the most popular places for shopping. They usually stretch for several kilometers. Everyone can buy here anything you want starting from small presents and milk and up to expensive jewelry and cars. Prices in Nigeria are little higher than the average in Africa, but they are lower than, for example, in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia or South Africa.

Lekki market

Lekki Market is considered to be one of the biggest markets in Nigeria. It is the largest craft and gift market in Lagos. In addition to the local population, thousands of tourists usually visit it.

Lekki market in Lagos

As in all African markets, the assortment of goods on Lekki market is quite impressive. There is much food, souvenirs, general consumption goods, construction materials, machinery, and many other various goods. Here you can buy anything you want.

Nigerian Lekki market

Such markets exist in all major cities of Africa. Some of them are very similar.

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Are there any discounts at Lekki market?

One always should bargain to get a lower price on the considerable part of Africa`s markets. Usually a seller calls the price thrice higher than the real value of the goods.

Lekki market in Nigeria

Sellers are very fond of buyers who have a great sense of humor. You should always make jokes with the seller, tell him interesting stories and become his friend.

Nigerian markets

After that you will always get a great discount on any goods.

The most popular Nigerian souvenirs

  • Textiles;
  • National costumes;
  • Silver and gold jewelry;
  • Wooden figurines and statues;
  • Unique pictures made of butterfly wings;
  • Unique beads made of bronze and malachite;
  • Shoes from a crocodile, lizards, pythons, snakes, zebras;
  • Amazing African masks;
  • Leather craft products (wall hangings, snakeskin handbags, leather boxes);
  • Products made of red earthenware;
  • Wickerwork of raffia leaves and stalks of millet (mats, baskets for storing cereals).

Shoppig at Lekki market

Nigerian markets are unusually bright and original. Here you can always purchase any products and souvenirs from all over Africa.


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