What military is the strongest in the world?

How many tanks and planes does the USA have? What makes the Great Britain be on the list of the strongest militaries in the world? Read the information below to see the rating of countries with the strongest armed forces.

Top 10 strongest military power in the world

Top 10 strongest military powers in the world

  • USA. The strongest country in the world military plan is the USA, capable to wage war worldwide and on any continent. Annually America spends 612 billion dollars for the army. This amount is more than all total expenses of nine other countries, which are in our rating. The main striking power of the USA is 10 aircraft carrier groups, about 14000 various planes and helicopters supported with 835 tanks. Safety from other powers owning nuclear weapon on the strategic level is provided by 7500 nuclear warheads standing on alert every second.
  • Russia. Russia possesses the army, which is on the second place in the top strongest military in the world. It spends 76 billion dollars a year and assignments in the last ten years constantly increase. The main striking power of the Russian army is 15000 tanks, 3100 various flight vehicles, one aircraft-carrier and 63 submarines, including ocean nuclear rocket carriers. 8500 nuclear warheads provide a strategic superiority. According to the latest events, rates of rearmament and expenses should increase dramatically.
  • China. According to official data, China spends money for army (which officially is called People's liberation army of China) 126 billion dollars annually, but on informal data, this amount is one and a half times bigger. 9150 tanks, 150 helicopters and planes, one aircraft carrier, 69 submarines and 250 nuclear warheads as control weapon are adopted by China. The number of people's liberation army of China makes 2.25 million people, and a mobilization reserve is 750 million people.
  • India. From the first days of finding of independence, India has a permanent war with Pakistan in highlands of Himalaya for the Province of Kashmir. The second country of the world on population most part of which lives below the poverty line spends for army 46 billion dollars annually. 3600 tanks, 1800 planes and helicopters, 17 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers and from 80 to 100 nuclear warheads as a factor preventing Pakistan from the beginning of the full-scale war, are adopted by the Indian army. The mobilization reserve of the country makes 620 million people and on this indicator, India concedes only to China.

strongest country in the world military

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  • Great Britain. Armed forces of Great Britain, for which 53 billion dollars are spent annually, have a fifth place in the strongest militaries in the world list. Great Britain has 407 tanks, 908 flying devices, one aircraft-carrier, 11 submarines and 225 nuclear warheads. The main pride of British is the navy considering the second for force in the world, which has about 91 ships. Britain spends money for scientific research and purchase of modern high-technology weapon much.
  • France. France, which is included in the club of nuclear powers is one of the few countries of the world making all range of weapons, annually spending 43 billion dollars for defense. France has 423 tanks, 1200 planes and helicopters, one aircraft carrier, 10 submarines and 300 nuclear warheads.
  • Germany. In the armed forces of Germany, there are 408 tanks, 710 various aircrafts and 4 submarines for maintaining of which 45 billion dollars are spent annually. Long time the forces couldn't be used abroad. However, the relevant amendment to the constitution has been repealed in the mid-nineties that have allowed the German military to participate in various peacekeeping missions. Germans focus not on a number of armed forces, but on the quality of training and equipping.
  • Turkey already for a decade does continuous military operations in Kurdistan. On border with Greece, it is restless too. In addition, it is forced to hold troops in the occupied part of Northern Cyprus. Annually Turkey spends for requirements of army 18 billion dollars, on arms of which there are 3657 tanks. By the way, this is the most numerous tank group in Europe. It also has 990 helicopters and planes, 14 submarines, and 720 thousand people.
  • South Korea which is actually in a condition of cold war with the North Korean neighbors is also forced to keep the armed forces in constant combat readiness on an invasion case. Annually for needs of army 33 billion dollars are spent. There are 2350 tanks, 1490 planes and helicopters and 14 submarines. Thanks to the main ally in the face of the USA, it has very modern army, which allows waging war at distance with the minimum contact with the opponent.
  • The Japanese army can't be used outside the country. However, it doesn't prevent it to be one of the strongest in the world. Annually Japan spends 49 billion dollars and has 767 tanks, one aircraft carrier, 16 submarines, and nearly 1600 planes and helicopters.

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