What money can't buy

People are wondering whether the millionaires are happy. Do they wake up with a smile every day? Why don’t they admit that money buys happiness, friend etc.? You’ll find all the answers right now.

There are plenty of ‘expensive’ things in our lives. However, there are only some things in the world that we can buy. And these things are only material goods. We can spend money on them. But what about everything else? No wonder there are so many ‘what money can't buy quotes’. Here you are our thoughts.

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What money can't buy review

Emotional well-being cannot be bought for any money. It is the health of relatives and close friends, happiness, the support of friends and beloved ones. Our lives are not full without these components.

Unfortunately, it’s less and less possible to meet the real, sincere, disinterested friendship. Increasingly people interact with those with whom they choose to be friends because of their mercantile interests. In this case, you cannot count on their support and help when you have problems or lose all your money.

What money can't buy list.

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We can name plenty of things but we’ll say about the most important.


People say if you are lonely and have money you can ‘buy’ someone not to feel lonely anymore. But is it real closeness? How does it feel when you pay someone to be together with you? I think a person will stay lonely but sitting in front of another person.


If you’ve ever fell in love you know that feeling which cannot be compared with anything. When you love someone and this person loves you back, isn’t that the biggest treasure in the world? No money can buy love of a person.


Unfortunately, there are plenty of diseases that cannot be cured. When a person has a lot of money and can do nothing – that’s very sad. But it’s life and none is insured.


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Happiness means different things to different people. If someone of your beloved is sick, a girl you like doesn’t like you back and you don’t have friends but you have money. Will you be happy? People keep saying that it’s better to cry in Porsche than in a bus. Maybe. But are you sure those tears are the same? People say ‘little kids – little problems, big kids – big problems’. The same is with money.


Trusts began to disappear, because of the mass introduction of the Internet into our lives. No social network can substitute the live communication. This is also one of the main problems of the modern world. To keep real friends, you need to call them and meet not only when you need something, but simply to find out about their well-being and health.


You may be very rich man. But if you are a bad person who will respect you? People may be afraid of you. But you’ll never get a true respect and love. Only fear.

A strong family

Each of us wants to have a strong, friendly family. But can you buy it for money? No. Some positive emotions, yes, maybe. If a person makes money spending a lot of time at work then who will spend time with his family? That’s how quarrels start. A strong family needs time and attention but not huge sums of money.

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You can be financially secure man, but, at the same time, with poor mental point of view. We must remember that, in order not to waste your life, youth and energy making money all the time.


There was a study done that showed money does buy happiness up to an annual salary of USD$75,000 per year. After that money does not "buy happiness" for most. (Not all.)

Answered 1 year ago.

I agree with almost all of the list, which is provided on the website. You know, but in any case, I want to point out that the money given independence and freedom, and sometimes many choose just that, even instead of the same love. This world is beautiful and that everything is absolutely different and attach a label on all absolutely impossible. Of course, I wanted to be cash equivalent distribution around the world, so that all were normal, not the rich and the poor. And each of us to enjoy every day, instead of praying for that he ended.

Answered 1 year ago.

I've never met articles on this topic. It is good that the topic of the importance of money in life discussed. I totally agree with the fact that money can never buy friends. The word "friends" I mean real friends who will stay with you even when you are awake naked and barefoot. That's true comrades. But you do not buy happiness ever. Health, too. Although there are situations where the amount of money in your wallet depends on a person's life, because you need a lot of money on treatment. I am very sorry for the people who believe that in our time with money everything can be bought. But sooner or later they push with obstacles, where the money will not play a role.

Answered 1 year ago.
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