What musicians have the most tattoos?

Now it is impossible to imagine the real rock musician without tattoo. Most stuffed figures carry great importance.They are important for the owners not less than all their creativity.

  • Great and awful Marilyn Manson is almost completely covered with works of tattoos. The first tattoo of the singer jammed very long: masters of tattoos drew on a body of the whole 14 hours. Manson has shared that each tattoo has for him special value. He cannot be put into words.

By means of a tattoo it is possible to interest or frighten off people.

  • Memento mori. Such value has a tattoo Frank Turner. It is the copy of a lithograph from the book of the sixteenth century. The drawing which has been executed by Hans Holbein Jr. artist in the book "Totentanze", tells about death reminder to the wanderer.

  • The participant of the group Placebo, Steve Forrest, claims that for him, the tattoos made on phalanxes of fingers — "Mama" and "Papa" are the most important. His parents are the most valuable people in the musician's life which always have supported him, despite of everything.
  • Oliver Sykes claims that and beautiful on his body images of an eagle, a shark and a wolf are the most important. The bird was filled by Allison Menners, and here to fill a shark and Sykes' wolf has specially visited Japan.
  • For Jesse Hughes his the most expensive tattoo is "fast demons". The musician has made a tattoo wich is very unromantic at first sight in honor of the beloved Tyyuzdey Kross.
  • Professor Green had an absolutely strange story. He has filled to himself on a neck the inscription "Lucky". Then in two weeks, somebody has hit the musician to the same place. The knife left an impressive scar, but is fortunately hasn't deprived of musician's life. It is possible to tell, that the inscription became prophetical.

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Travis Barker. Blink 182 which was dramatic measures which feels also in free floating, at the moment he is all in tattoos even not quite comfortable now "under a shirt". Here it is already possible to speak about whole "sweater" - on his body more than fifty tattoos flaunt. It is remarkable that a part of "a sweater collar" is the name of his first wife which he from great love has immortalized on one of foregrounds. Who knew that marriage won't last also years …

The cutie Oli Sykes the most favorite tattoos - a shark and a wolf - went to do of Bring Me The Horizon to Japan. And a favorite eagle, a sleeve and a lot what did Allison Manners - not the last person in the world of a tattoo.

Tommy Lee. And again drummer. Only this time not from the pop punk, and from a glam rock – in "hairy" the 80th he regularly "knocked", being shaken on installation swing, as a part of Mötley Crüe. In many respects they have influenced this already indestructible communication of fate and tattoo. Well, and when this remarkable collective has become obsolete, Tommie was engaged in own projects that couldn't but be reflected and on his appearance – it is difficult not to correlate the name of his Methods Of Mayhem group to the tattoo decorating his brawny stomach.

The following participant of our charts is a little beaten out from a general series, but it is impossible to ignore density of drawing tattoos on his body. Lil Wayne– quite to such himself the popover young man positioning himself as "rit a gangst". Regularly "impish" where drugs, weapon, arrests and imprisonments are mixed participates in different, but, unfortunately, its music not quite conforms to standards of "the hall of glory of true hip-hop". But various charts and fall stacks before this fashionable young man.

And now it is possible to remember also Steve Forrest from Placebo. If to begin to list all plots of his tattoos – the list will turn out to impropriety long so we will stop on the loveliest. It the words Mother and Rara which are pinned on phalanxes of fingers of hands.

And here our following hero - Scott Miller from Dry The River shares impressions about the next visit of a tattoo salon. "The elbow became the most painful part of what has been made. Skin isn't especially big for a tattoo there and I have thrown this business after the first session. But then nevertheless it was necessary to come back to him, and, for several approaches. There was a feeling that I have got also on an electric chair, and into a fire – and, at the same time. But this action very much takes so I have soon forgotten about pain and has continued to observe as my "sleeve" approaches end".

And here, absolutely unexpectedly, on the stage there is a permanent lead singer of the Metallica group – who other as James Hetfield at which it was little by little-slowly gained already more than dozen of tattoos on a body.

 Among them is: names of his children, a couple of Saints, notes of one of their songs, the word Belief stylized under the Ford logo, several skulls of mottoes and is a lot of fire. Fire isn't casual here – one of tattoos symbolizes accident which has happened during the joint concert to Guns N’Roses in Montreal when, at explosion of pyrotechnics, James has got the most severe burns.

And Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy didn't begin to philosophize crafty and has chosen the line of least resistance. To the fashionable musician – fashionable tattoos. Therefore on his hand Tim Barton's character from The Nightmare Before Christmas – the cutie of Jack Skellington flaunts. And other 36 tattoos supplement a landscape.

But in my opinion one of the most romantic tattoos was made to itself by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

 If to get accustomed, then on his right hand it is possible to see the tattooed tape from the photo box. Very stylish tattoo, looking at which it is necessary to remember about Andy Warhol's creativity. And where romanticism? And romanticism is that it is photos of his wife.

Well and how I can pass by the person by the name of Anthony Kiedis? Hardly he needs special representation, but all the same I will give the hint. Even four – I today kind. 1. Red. 2. Hot. 3. Chily. 4. Peppers. Here where "Solano" from motives and ethnic styles – so it on his body. The Indian and a bracelet in style "traybat" on a shoulder, stylized a la "monks there are Aztecs - and others" a bird on a back, the Celtic patterns on forearms. Yes, Anthony doesn't pursue quantity, choosing quality – quite to himself the wise position which isn't turning a body into similarity of an entrance after the attack of the beginning admirers of graffiti.  

 Here, perhaps, on this thoughtful summary I will also finish today's parade of champions. The first, but, I promise, not the last.

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