What ordinary things make Nigerian woman cry?

Top ordinary things, which can make a Nigerian woman cry. What should a man do if a girl cries? Find out everything you wanted to know about weird girls’ tears here right now!

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Have you ever wonder why women cry because of ordinary things? Women are very sensitive, so it’s very easy to make a woman cry. Here are a few things a woman may easily cry about. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but it’s totally valid to them. So are you ready to see them?

1. Saying goodbye at railway stations/airports

There’s something weird about airports that make a lot of women (and even sometimes men) extremely emotional. Goodbyes are very difficult for women who often put family and friendship on the first place as a top priority.

2. Movies (sad or happy, it doesn’t matter)

woman crying

If there is a heart-wrenching plot or a beautiful love story that certainly makes the woman start to cry. Ladies are very emotional: they may cry seeing a lonely puppy or a beautiful wedding of a couple with a long history. Women are more prone to empathize other people and even characters of the movie. Sometimes ladies may become so ‘involved’ in the emotion that they can’t stop weeping for a long time.

3. Remembering something that was said or discussed some time ago

If a woman has ever hurt one’s feelings unintentionally and now she just can’t forget about it? She might remember the situation and starts crying. But if someone insulted her, gave her names or even worse – criticized her appearance – be sure she won’t forget it and every time she remembers it you may notice tears in her eyes.

4. Sweet gestures

unexpected flowers

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Women love it! Unexpected flowers or her love has cleaned the kitchen because he knew she had an extremely hard day at work or with the kids, her pretty neighbor left cookies at her door with a sweet letter. It’s just all extremely nice to handle. The tears are flowing!

5. Anger

Yes, that happens too often. Have you ever been so angry that you wanted cry? A lot of women say that instead of retaliating or yelling, tears become the first response. Women’s anger is always accompanies by tears, as all the emotions are connected. After the quarrel or some unpleasant situation, lady wants to feel some release, to get rid of stress, so she cries.

6. Frustration

woman's frustration

She is always trying, trying, and again trying, but there are only fails! She sees nothing good at work or at home, nothing works out! That may cause tears. Though women tend to be great fighters, who don’t settle until her job is well done, however the process may be very emotional and frustrating.

7. Surprises

Happy unexpected surprises, no matter they are small or huge, can trigger the river of tears. But men out there, don’t be shocked or upset seeing her crying looking at your surprise,  she may be super happy about your surprise and her crying is just the natural reaction.

8. Songs

sad black woman

Every woman at least once cried hearing a certain song. A lot of ladies connect some songs with certain moments, people or stages of their lives. So listening to the song, which reminds her of ex-boyfriend or friend, who left the country or happy party on the beach can make her cry. She may even become upset as she can’t go back to that period of time.

9. Being sick

Ladies become full of pity when they get sick. They don’t like to lay down and do nothing because there’s so much to do at home and at work. They can’t stop thinking about kids, their job, dirty house, the endless list of must dos. So when you she is not feeling well, she becomes all emotional.

10. Gaining weight

woman in tears

She tries her new jeans and realizes they’ve become small… Imagine her mental state at this moment! It’s anger, pity and everything mixed in one! Especially if she tries hard to keep up her shape and eat in a proper way, when she gains weight it’s literally killing her. And usually it just makes her cry.

11. Death of her favorite character

Alejandro! No! Have you ever heard a woman shouting something like that in tears? Well, yes, whether it’s in her book or in movie, women tend to get attached to their favorite characters. So when they die, there’s an ocean of tears. By the way, sometimes ladies may cry when they favorite soap opera’s last season is over. They feel like it’s the end of era. That’s it. There is nothing good in her life since now on.

12. She is worried she is not a good enough mom

Every woman worries about her children all the time and she wants to become the best mother to those beloved little people. And sometimes, she probably breaks down thinking about how to do everything right and create the perfect family.

13. A mindless thing a man says

beyonce crying

Men are not so emotional like ladies. So they may say something thinking it’s ok and it won’t hurt anybody. But if does! Sometimes men can say ‘insensitive’ things, which are totally warped and misunderstood by a woman’s ears. And then her feelings are really hurt, so she gets emotional, cries and so on.

14. Watching people, who help one another

Women are very sensitive. They dream to have peace in the world. And it makes them feel so grateful and happy when they see people helping each other! They find themselves crying at the generosity and selflessness of humanity.

sad black woman

If the woman cries in front of you, you should always ask what the reason of her tears is and offer your help. Especially if you see a woman crying hysterically. Let the ladies stay ladies – weak, emotional and sensitive. If the woman cries, it means she needs it at a certain moment of her life. She may feel better after this strange ‘girls’ ritual’. Take care of crying woman, hug, try to comfort her – you can be sure she will never forget it!

There is a very beautiful parable about women’s tears:

sad woman

A little boy asked his mother:

- Why are you crying?

- Because I'm a woman.

- I do not understand!

Mom put her arm around him and said:

 - You will never understand this.

Then the boy asked his father:

- Why does my mother sometimes cry for no reason?

- All women sometimes cry for no reason, - that was everything that his father could say.

Then the boy grew up, became a man, but did not stop to wonder: "Why do women cry?"

beauty crying

Finally, he asked God. And God said:

- Having conceived the woman, I wanted her to be perfect.

I gave her shoulders, which are strong enough to hold the whole world, and are gentle to maintain the child’s head.

I gave her spirit, which is strong enough to endure childbirth and the other pain.

I gave her the will, which is so strong that she goes forward when others fall, and she takes care of the fallen, and the sick and weary ones, without complaining.

I gave her a kindness to love her children under all circumstances, even if they hurt her.

crying black girl

I gave her the strength to support her husband, despite all his shortcomings.

I made her from his rib to let her protect his heart.

I gave her wisdom to understand that a good husband never causes pain to his wife intentionally, but sometimes he tests her strength and resolve to stand beside him without any hesitation.

And finally, I gave her tears. And the right to weep wherever and whenever it’s necessary.

And you, my son, have to understand that the beauty of a woman is not in her clothes, hairstyle or manicure.

Her beauty is in her eyes that open the door to her heart. The place where love lives. 


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