What's the meaning of rsvp?

Sometimes we face difficulties because of word, the meaning of which we don't know exactly. So, on this case we follow dictionaries. But what to do, if there isn't an explanation of abbreviations? So, today we have an unusual abbreviation - "RSVP".

The "rsvp" has three different meanings.

In the context of invitations, RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person or people. RSVP is an acronym of the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît, which literally means "reply, please" or "respond, please".

Emily Post Rule

The high society of England adopted French etiquette in the late XVIII century. The publication in the end of the twentieth century of Emily Post’s works, which she wrote in 1920 mentions that "Anyone receiving an invitation with R. S. V. P." on it, is obliged to answer..", and some sources describe the violations of this rule as "inexcusable rudeness."

Emily Post recommends those, who having received an invitation with RSVP on it, reply as soon as possible, within a day or two of receipt of the invitation.

The response as a notification about the appearance

Whereas RSVP assumes the response from those who attend and those who will not be present on the event — there are discussions that hint at the fact that many people misunderstand the meaning of the term and do not answer if they do not intend to be.

In Las Vegas, where RSVP is the vitality of social events, there is a discussion of contemporary usage of this term. There was created a version of”RSVP”, the "Cautela", which should be answered only if the person accepts the invitation.

RSVP with regrets only

The phrase "RSVP with regrets only", or simply "with regrets only" is a popular variation of the RSVP Emily Post. The purpose of this phrase is to convey that "you need to reply if you refuse going," with the accompanying "if you don't answer, it will be taken as acquiescence to come."

More specifically, if most invitations are implied to be accepted, the "RSVP with regrets only" reduces the need for communication between the host and the guests. The phrase "with regrets only" refers to the implied waiver, which would be formulated in the form of variations of the phrase "We regret to inform you that we can't present...", so if a guest is going to attend the event, his answer will be without "regrets."

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The second meaning of this abbreviation is:

The rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) is a method of displaying of the textual information on the display, in which all the words are shown very fast, one after the other in a fixed area of the screen (but usually in the center). While a large amount of text can be shown on the display of very small dimension, for example, on the miniature screen of a mobile phone or even electronic watches. In addition, this method allows perceiving the text very quickly due to the lack of necessity of eye movements, and that has found its application in speed reading and in devices for people with visual impairments and oculomotor activity, and even in the treatment of dyslexia.

The scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon have established that rapid serial visual presentation allows you to reach the peak reading speed in English at 720 words per minute (12 per second). Or, that is even more importantly, the rsvp allows to increase the reading speed by 33% compared to normal speed, without a significant loss of understanding of the material.

The investigations at Wichita University showed that during rapid serial visual presentation of the English text at the speed of 250 words per minute, the comprehension has only slightly deteriorated compared to normal reading of electronic books. The presentation of same text at a speed of 650 WPM reduced the comprehension from 74,6 % to 52.1 % compared to 250 words per minute, which is also a good result.

The disadvantages of this method

To the disadvantages of rapid serial visual presentation should be included the difficulty of the search in text, and, in this regard, the difficulty of reading of the text. In addition, the readers are inclined to focus on the words of emotional coloring, which leads to difficulty of perception of whole text

And, there is the third meaning:

RSVP — is the reservation Protocol for network resources (Resource ReSerVation Protocol) (RFC 2205).

To report routers of network the needs of the end nodes about quality of service flows, it is usually used the additional Protocol — RSVP.

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