What shoes does President Muhammadu Buhari wear?

Why does President Buhari wear so simple clothes every time he appears at public? Why the news about his multi-million shoes did arouse a lot of resentment at Nigerians? Read the article below to be aware about it.

Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerians was often excited concerning the president Buhari who always wear the same clothes when he appears on public. In spite of the fact that for public people a lot of design things are created, the president doesn't seek to buy various suits.

Maybe it is because many people prefer to wear the same clothes every day that they have nothing to worry. President Buhari, Steve Jobs, Obama, the Arab Kings, etc. are persons who choose one clothes style the most part of their time. It distinguishes them from all others. Many people call it a corporate style. But not so long ago the president said that he wear not so many clothes because he has not enough money to look grandiose.

However, recently Muhammadu Buhari has begun to surprise people. For his first campaign shoot last year the president has put on not traditional Nigerian clothes, but a suit. Probably, it is the first and last time (or at least, very rare) when the president has put on such clothes.

President Muhammadu Buhari

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Some Nigerians have begun to tease him at once while others have estimated his graceful appearance. Rotimi Amaechi, who is the former governor of Rivers state, has told story how he convinced the leader of APC to change the clothes.

He said: ‘Buhari told me: we have to do all these paparazzi, you know my character. But I have answered that the president has to put on new suit that Nigerians have seen his best part. We had to convince him, and then he, at last, has agreed. That photographing still is the best where he ever participated. We have shown the president on the other side, and the people have seen that part, which they didn't see earlier’. 

Muhammadu Buhari shoes

However, recently the president has surprised public even more. His recent emergence has caused the mass of scandalous responses in the Internet.

The director of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Deji Adeyanju, claimed that a pair of shoes, which was wear by the president on March 14 during the visit to Equatorial Guinea, cost $8.000. This sum is equal to N2.592.000. Deji was already known for his numerous criticisms towards leaders of All Progressives Congress. The president is exposed to especially often rough expressions. Deji Adeyanju has written a set of tweets, in which he has noticed that Buhari wears expensive shoes despite the recent statement that he is poor. Famous Nigerian blogger Linda Ikedji also hasn’t leaved this news without her attention and make the same post about expensive look of Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari wear

After a number of tweets of the leader of PDP, reaction of Nigerians was various. While some showed discontent with behavior of president, others did assumptions that he will never wear such expensive shoes. Only those cases if he has received these boots as a gift can be an exception.

However, suspicions are supported with the fact that wife of the president wears watch, which cost 10 million naira. This news has also upset Nigerians in due time very much. The fact that the president and his wife receive a set of expensive gifts looks rather suspiciously. It is necessary only to guess from where the distressed president and his wife take such expensive things.

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