What should we know about Penis Museum in Iceland?

There are many unusual places in the world. But Penis Museum in Island is one of the most unusual and specific places one can ever visit. Read more and judge.

penis museum

Island is not only famous for food and drinks, but for museums also. One of them is dedicated to phallology and has about 245 penises of various animals – from hamster to sperm whale.

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Fishing village Husavik

Fishing village Husavik, on the Eastern shore of the Gulf of Schauland is very close to the Arctic circle. Here in summer, the sun is shining 24 hours a day, and in winter almost all the time there is darkness, so this is the perfect place to meditate.

Husavik is also a Mecca for lovers of whales. Annually about 100 thousand tourists from all over the world come here to go on a sea voyage, during which they are offered spectacular views of Island and the vast expanse of water that is cut by animals.

After boating tourists go to local restaurants. Chefs no longer offer visitors exotic meat dishes. Recently, they were treated to a sophisticated audience leeks and potatoes.

penis museum

Penis museum

Traditional whale swimming can be compared, perhaps, only with the Icelandic Phallological Museum. It was visited by about 123 thousand people, 60% women included.

The Museum has the most impressive collection of penis in the world. They are taken from a huge number of animal species. Its founder and Director, Sigurdur Hjartarson, began to collect male genitalia in 1974. In this hobby, he was inspired by a friend who gave him a whip made from dried penis of a bull from the Peninsula Snaefellsnes. Since then the collection has been enriched for 244 instances, 195 of which Sigurdur canned himself.

The museum entrance is decorated with the sign in the shape of a penis and phallic variations on a theme of round and oblong stones. Inside the house, the walls are covered with the dried penises of animals, like trophy hunting in the best traditions. There are the windows with flasks, in which in formaldehyde the phalluses of seals, whales, polar bears, and also of the smaller creatures — Guinea pigs and others are floating. Museum exhibits are illuminated by the lamps which are made from bull testicles, which Sigurdur made me.

penis museum

Icelandic Phallological Museum from the outside

The pride of the collector — 170 cm, 70 kg penis of a whale, which in August 2000 had been washed ashore. The smallest one is the two-millimeter dignity of the hamster which can only be seen through a magnifying glass.

The Museum also has a section dedicated to folklore. There are about 20 exhibits. One of them is the color of the algae. According to Sigurdur, as an ancient legend tells, it is the sexual organ of a creature living in water. He has several sculptures and comic penises, but no toys from a sex shop.

Provocative exhibits are covered with a blanket. The Museum has nothing to do with pornography or anything dirty. The mood of the visitors will get improved after viewing the collection.

A few vessels in the collection of Hjartarson are empty. They are designed for the human penises. The Museum will receive the genitals from four homo sapiens — from Iceland, UK, USA, and Germany after their death. The fact is evidenced by the certificates on the wall of the Museum.

The oldest of the donors, Paul Aranson, recently turned 94 years. He lives in the town of Akureyri, where once was known as a terrible lover. Paul wants to perpetuate his glory, giving his precious body in the famous collection. Of course, after his death.

penis museum

Icelandic Phallological Museum from the inside

Most of the exhibits were donated to the Museum by fishers, hunters, and biologists. Hjartarson paid for only one of them is a penis of an elephant, a yard long, which is hanged on the wall on a wooden Board. Sigurdur gathered a collection during 24 years while working as a school administrator. Then he couldn't even imagine that would become the Director of a private Museum.

People come to the Museum of the phallus to satisfy their idle curiosity, oblivious to the fact that the exhibits once belonged to living beings, most of whom were murdered by men. And were not only devoid of life but also cut into pieces and sold. For whales, seals, bears, and other wildlife, hunters got a lot of money by selling their meat, hides, tusks to the lovers of exotic.

penis museum

Ruthless hunters give the intimate parts of their victims, to the eccentric Hjartarson, who makes from them fun for tourists. And, as he admitted, the Museum recently is his source of income, because last summer it was attended by about 6 thousand people. And the input return ticket costs about 5 euro.

The world tends to the extermination of exotic animals. From their hides, people make fur coats. Humans kill animals just for the sake of one photo of an unusual trophy. But man is looking at all this, with a sense of his power and superiority over nature.

Also, for such a curiosity a Museum of penises was found by Hjartarson. For him, a penis is a symbol of power, fertility, and virility. So that the current collectors and lovers of this exotic in all respects are not so far removed from their superstitious ancestors — hunters and gatherers.

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