What things apart from makeup make women beautiful?

There is a common misconception that only makeup can make a woman beautiful. This is only the myth! Learn what people really pay attention for when they meet you. Check out seven factors which  make the lady beautiful and create more lasting impression than makeup.

beautiful woman

Most women think that their beauty depends on how well their makeup is made. There are plenty of reasons to believe this. Pop culture, films, video clips and mass media created and supported the opinion that women are judged only for their appearance. Big business makes its money off promoting the before and after effects of their cosmetic products. In reality, being beautiful doesn’t come from a mascara wand, lipstick tube or blush brush. The following seven factors create a more lasting impression than any amount of makeup ever could:

attractive woman

1.    Mind

It is a common myth that smart woman cannot be beautiful. This is only a stereotype which misleads many men and women as well. They think if the lady looks beautiful, she for sure has nothing attractive inside. Otherwise, if the woman doesn’t look cute, she should be really smart. The truth is so that pursuit of knowledge is not only attractive but essential to our existence. Knowledge is empowerment and empowerment is sexy. Every woman should have taken time to cultivate her intellect because the real beauty comes from inside. 


2.    Passion

When a woman neglects the things which light her up, she is living a passionless existence. A woman who doesn’t have passion is boring and dull.

The passionate woman understands that life is too short to spend it without any joy. Therefore she tries to do only what she likes and follows her dreams. A woman who enjoys all that life has to offer, not just her partner or her relationships is a woman who others admire because passion is so catching.


3.    Fun-loving spirit

Nobody wants to be a pessimist, who always tells and thinks only negative. However, it doesn't mean that you should be positive all the time. Of course, you can feel sad and disappointed in your life, just like as any other person. The main point here is  that the sense of adventure and appreciation for all that life has to offer is more attractive than relentlessly sticking to the routine and taking life’s opportunities for granted. An attractive woman should be able to relax enough and enjoy her life, bringing happiness to everybody who is around her.

Fun-loving spirit

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4.    Compassion

Compassion is something that holds a relationship together. Nobody wants to be with a woman who loves only herself and incapable of feeling for others. Men don’t find narcissists appealing. In fact, if a woman loves herself more than she is capable of loving another, the only beauty she can boast of having is skin deep. A woman who understands how to give and receive love is much more desirable than a woman who has none to spare.


5.    Confidence

Many people confuse confidence and bragging. Though, there is a difference between boasting and being confident. Bragging is seeking of praise for the sake of the ego when woman describs herself in a self-congratulatory manner and expects other to congratulate her. It is not only selfish, but it is also really ugly.


Confidence is about a woman feeling proud of how she speaks looks, thinks, or acts. A woman who doesn’t need other people’s reassurance to help her feel this pride in herself is infinitely more appealing than a woman who incessantly seeks others’ approval.


6.    Resilience

Persistence is really inspiring. If the woman refuses to give up in achieving her goals whether in her career, family life, self-development, sport or health, is attractive. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who pursues her dreams because the world loves such women. Resilience isn’t about a woman’s control or refusal to cede control over to another. It’s about believing that life can never defeat her unless she allows herself to become frustrated.


7.    Energy

The last point is kind of summing up of everything that was said before. When a woman shows compassion, feels active and relaxed, follows her passion, refuses to give up, believes herself to be worthy and improves her inner world, then her energy will light up everyone and everything around her. A woman who has vitality for life is attractive. She should be idolized.


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