What things make us unattractive for other people?

Do you want to be a great person? Most people subconsciously behave in such way, so they seem unattractive and annoying. Check the things which make you unattractive and avoid doing it.

unattractive woman

Everyone wants to be a kind, caring, and compassionate person. For some people, it is really hard. There are many behaviors or ‘bad habits’ that people have that make them seem annoying, unattractive, or someone that no one wants to be around with.

Here are things which make you unattractive for others:

1.    Focusing on what is outside, ignoring the inner beauty

Real beauty comes from inside of you, within your heart, soul, and body. It 's hard to believe because most people think that physical appearance matters the most. It is only true in a first few minutes when you meet new people, and they form their impressions about you. However, very fast they will see what lies beneath you. So try to look within yourself. If something goes wrong with your inner world, then you should change your behavior and the way of thinking.

 Focusing on what is outside, ignoring the inner beauty

2.    Viewing friends as enemies

Unattractive people are usually in fights with their buddies. They are always turning their back instead of being together and support each other. All you need is to understand that your friends are not your enemies. They care about you and want you to be happy and expect the same from you.

 Viewing friends as enemies

3.    You are self-absorbed

Most people even don’t notice that they are self-absorbed. They care only about themselves, talk only about themselves and think that they are only one who matters. They seldom care what other people say. If this is about you, it is time to change, because nobody wants to communicate with such person.


4.    You are the boss

If you are always trying to control everything and everybody, never let others make decisions and always need to be in charge, you are unattractive. Remember that in a group of friends everyone has equal rights.

the boss

5.    You are rude

People will never want to be around you if you are frequently rude, offensive or impolite. Of course, we all have times when we are not satisfied with something or not agree with someone. Nevertheless, you should stop making a scene or embarrass your friends with rude comments in public. This way you just force everybody to observe your terrible behavior.   As a result, sooner or later the friends will leave you alone.


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6.    Constant competition

Are you always trying to be better than others? If this is so, you are an unattractive person. In this case, you are too focused on yourself and your own ambitions. The competition is only good when it forces you to make positive changes and become a better person. However, when competition results in boasting or to just doing everything better than others without any reason, it is time to change, because this way you will lose all friends if you still have ones.

  Constant competition

7.    Doubts about your importance to others

It means that you always think that you are not as important for your friends as you should. For example, one your friend went to the park with your other friend. They didn’t do anything bad, but for you, it matters a lot. Remember that they are still your friends and they are not committed to spending all their time with you.

Doubts about your importance to others

8.    You are dishonest

This is the most obvious point; nevertheless, the dishonesty is one of the most common reasons for quitting the friendship. That’s why you should remember about it and always tell the truth. Keep in mind that people always subconsciously feel when you are dishonest.


9.    You are always negative

Pessimism is a very unattractive quality. You should change your attitude if you regularly see everything in a negative light. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who’s always seeing the negative instead of the positive.

always negative

10.    You are unreliable

If you never come to friends when they need you and call for help, you are an unattractive person. Otherwise, if you always ask your friends for help, but never do something in return, it is also unattractive. You should change your attitude to friends.  

just friends

Watch the video to learn what unattractive things the girls usually do.

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