What to do to keep calm?

How successful people keep calm? What should you do to avoid stress? Find answers in the article!

Keep calm

If you desire to achieve success in any your activity, it`s best to keep calm and control your behavior. According to Consult Center TalentSmart which are the principal consultants for more than seventy-five percent of companies enlisted in Fortune 500, every person who was managed to gain a favorable fortune can stay calm and resist to stress. It also provides the enormous ability to a person to control everything.

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Stress thoughta

The inability to stay calm can have a real severe effect on overall mental and physical health of a person. According to researchers from Yells University, consistent and continued negative experience can have an effect on the brain cells so that they would function inappropriately.  Nevertheless, the stress is an important emotion that holds a person together. Under pressure and tension, people can perform tasks and take actions quicker.

Stress on work

Recent studies conducted by the Berkley University of California showed that stress might have positive aspects. For instance, the short time stress event may cause growing of new brain cells which lead to increase memory capabilities. That explains why in the moment of fear, people may recall almost every detail. Nevertheless, if it`s not a short period, then stress may cause a vice versa effect on brain and damage nerve and brain cells. That`s the very reason why it`s necessary to pay attention to the stress and stay calm at the very same time.  

Stress tension

Successful people keep calm and choose a strategy for it according to the intuition. No matter what happens around them, the stress level in their blood will always remain to the same degree. If the hazard for long lasting stress occurs, they may create strategies to reduce stress and keep calm according to their character. Some of their actions may be truly trivial but in times when emotions prevail, most of the people tend to forget about them. In this article, you will find top ten keep calm methods.

Appreciate what you have

Appreciate what you have

People tend to cry more about things they do not have and do not usually enjoy things that they have. Take a moment to be gratitude to the fate of everything that is in your possession. Davis Californian University studies showed that people who became accustomed to the sensation of gratitude would feel happiness, body strength, energy for work and calmness more often. This technique is very ancient and comes from Buddhist monks. The modern medicine can agree with Buddhist on these terms as the sense of gratitude may help people to become calm as it reduces the stress hormone cortisol production by twenty-three percent.

Avoid questions "What if?"

avoid what if

All doubts about your previous actions should be stepped aside. Any successful man can ensure you that “What if” questions do not help to stay calm. It works vice versa, if you start asking yourself about what you should have done in past to make it happened, you will remain in an endless hurricane of history. Acknowledge that all your actions happened, you can`t change them, but you can reflect. All successful people just recognize that they made something in the past, and now they have consequences. If you stop dwelling and living in the past, you will certainly increase your work performance and stay calm for a long time.

Staying positive mood

Staying positive mood

Positive thoughts are the best helpers for a successful man to stay calm. They provide your brain the ability to switch on positive vibes and switch of negative ones. You would need just to help your brain in catching these positive vibes. Any positive thought may help you to stay calm and release from stress feelings. When everything is at hand and business goes well, it`s not that difficult, isn`t it? What if you have an entirely opposite situation? Everything ruins in your hands, and you are about to be broken, what`s next? It would be much harder, but try to remember one day from your memory where you felt happiness. It would be any small situation.

Stress rage

If there is nothing good happened to you on this day, then try to recall something good in last week or last month. Do you have any particular event in the nearest feature that can change your life and bring you to the bright side? For instance, your long dreaming vacation in Europe or Asia? Try to switch into it and destroy all negative feelings about heavy thoughts that ruin your perfect vacation.

Deactivate stress

Deactivate stress

If your work can`t provide you a beautiful evening to stay calm. If you have to be on the phone twenty-four hours a day seven days in the row, then you are in the risk zone. You have too many factors that can destroy your ability to stay calm. It`s intense not to have an opportunity to relax due to constant messages coming to your mobile phone. Any news would lead you to think about work and irritate you. If you have this situation, then try to deactivate all your gadgets and even the Internet to keep calm. The total deactivation for a short period will help you to improve your physical and mental condition.

Deactivate stress again

If can`t do the deactivation during work days, then try to relax from everything at least on a Weekend. Settle down the periods when you are offline for you colleagues. If you do it right, then in the short period, you will feel positive changes and ability to stay calm longer. In your schedule, you should set up the time for mental reloading. If you are afraid from possible complaints from your colleagues or managers, then try to use these techniques in time where you are sure will not be searched. When you and your colleagues become accustomed to that, try to make these periods longer.

Less caffeine

Less caffeine

Caffeine provides the better ability for releasing adrenaline. Adrenaline releases the mechanism “hit and run”, which help people to act quickly in a situation where it`s needed to fight until last stands or run for one`s life. This is a natural reaction for all animals, but it calls for instincts and not rationalism. It can surely help you if you fight with a bear but it may have a negative effect when you have to respond to a quick email. Caffeine forces people to rely on emotions rather to rational thinking. If you keep consuming caffeine in large doses, you may quit hoping to keep calm for a long time.


Sleep well

It`s the most obvious technique to keep calm. When a person sleeps, his brain starts filling with energy. It analysis the whole day activities saves necessary and delete unnecessary from the memory. The conclusion, you get up fresh and healthy with new thoughts. If you do not sleep enough or well, then your self-control is way out from the best shape. Your attention and memory capabilities become weak. The lack of well-sleeping increases the production of the stress hormones. Due to tensions of work, you may have a false assumption that you don`t have time for sleeping. Nevertheless, the good night sleeps I the only factor that may help you to keep calm and concentrate on work.

Do not think bad about yourself

Do not think bad about yourself

If you desire to keep calm and control stress feelings, you would need to destroy any possibility for negative thoughts in the very beginning. The more you thinking about negative deeds, the more they stay in your head. You just need to remember that they are just thoughts but not facts. If you do understand that negative thoughts take control over your head, your inner voice should come into play and say: “I should stop and note it.”

Do not think bad about yourself

If you have a moment to stop and observe all negative thoughts, you will feel that they became less intense and slowed down. When you slow down your negative thinking, you will be sober enough to criticize them. In most cases, all the statements where you have phrases, like never, the worst, never – are not based on the reality of the situation. If you still believe that the statements that you have on your paper can be real facts, then try to show them to a person who is trusted. He/she will give you his/her thoughts on the situation. You should remember, that that dark fact in your brain may come from the enchanted cycle of constant stress.

Change the view on things

Change the view on things

We are not omnipotent entities and can`t control every situation in our lives. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we can`t control our reaction to these situations. The wrong view on the things is the best source for fear, anxiety, and anger. Thus, before you start to panic and suffer, try to look at the situation from another angle. You may make a list of things in which you are not the best specialist, but if you wish to become one or things about which you feel a little bit anxious. Especially if you have in your mind thoughts, like: “Everything is wrong”, “We are doomed”… When you start noting, you will understand that the problems are not that significant.


Breathe stress

It`s the easiest way to keep calm in stress situations. You will need to instruct your brain to concentrate on the main task of the day and do not get distracted by any means, especially negative thoughts. If you`ve noted any sign of stress, you will need to spare few minutes to concentrate on your breathing. You just need to close the door and stay focused on your breath for several minutes. Focus on the task you need to manage today. You will try to resist and distract you, but you should remember about breathing. When you remove your evil thoughts, return to work. Try to count all your inhale and exhale moments during the resting time. It`s like sheep counting. You will feel much more relieved from stress.

Do not be embarrassed to ask for help

Do not be embarrassed to ask for help

You may have a desire to solve everything by yourself and at once, but in most cases, it`s less efficient. If you have a desire to keep calm, you would need to learn how to accept your inability to solve something. It`s not bad to ask for help when it`s needed. For this situation, you would need a circle of trust and help, like your family, friends, colleagues. They may help you in the time of need when you can`t solve the mystery on your own. You should understand who are these people in your life. They may help you to fight with stress, anxiety, fears. Moreover, they definitely help you to find exist from your situation or at least assist you in to see it from the different angle.  You may not saw the exits from the position in the first place, as you were overwhelmed by negative thoughts, but with help, you may surely keep calm and find a solution. The asking for help will only make the relationship between people stronger.

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