What we didn't know about Eiffel tower in France?

What are the most surprising and unusual facts about the main sight of Paris and France? What is the year on building of Eiffel tower? Read the article to learn more information about well-known monument.

Eiffel tower facts

Eiffel tower Paris is one of the most popular and visited monuments in the world. Its image is well known in any part of our planet. But there are also a lot of Eiffel tower secrets and interesting facts, which can be surprising for general public. Let’s learn some of them.

Eiffel tower facts

  • The construction built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889, initially was called ‘a three hundred-meter tower’. It intended for World Fair and had to show achievements of French science. Besides, it is also a monument devoted to centenary of French revolution. The tower spoiled view of Paris and was initially planned to knock down in 20 years after construction. During 41 years, it was the highest monument of the world. Now its height became higher – 324 meters (because of numerous radio and antennas, which are set up on its peak). Since 1991, Eiffel Tower is included in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO.
  • Since 1987, people regularly jump from the tower. They do sports jumps. It is illegally in most cases. In 2010, the jump on roller skates was made from the second floor (115 meters of height). It is a world record. Sports competitions on a tower began in 1905. That time 27 people participated in running on the second floor. The winner has overcome almost half of the tower in 3 minutes 12 seconds. In 1923, there was a daredevil, who has gone down by bicycle from the first floor (57 meters).

Eiffel tower at night

  • Airships flew around Eiffel tower, planes flew under it, rope-walkers went on it, and in 2012 barehanded Frenchman Alain Robert got on monument top without insurance (temperature was 10 degrees at the height).
  • Eiffel Tower is a private enterprise. Its shares are sold at the exchange market. At the moment one share of skyscraper costs about 39 euro. Gustave Eiffel wanted to make exclusive rights to replication of image of the building. But this initiative has revolted many citizens and handicraftsmen. Gustave had to give the rights in public use. Thus, the company has lost its percent only from 5 billion sold cards. But how many figures, statues, bottles, bags, t-shirts and other souvenirs have been sold since 1989! In 1992, the owners of the enterprise have seized the rights for image of Eiffel tower at night. The court has decided that lighting effects are an original design and therefore, this work belongs to authors.
  • Not many people know that there are several restaurants in the tower. They are located on the first and second platforms. The restaurant on the first platform is at the height of 95 m. It has a beautiful view of the river Seine. Eiffel tower restaurant on the second platform is called Jules Verne. Preliminary reservation is necessary for its visit.

Eiffel tower restaurant

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  • As it is known, Eiffel Tower is highlighted in the evenings. It is hard to say what color it is. Color, with which a monument was painted, and its light are called colors of Eiffel Tower. Sometimes the tower changes illumination. In year of China in France and visit of the head of the Republic of China to Paris, three hundred meters were lighted with red color. From July to December 2008, during presidency of France in the European Union, Eiffel Tower was in blue color, and between the first and second floor 12 fires in the form of stars settled down. As a result, the symbol of Paris reminded a flag of the EU. Once an hour 20 000 lights begin to sparkle beautifully.

Eiffel tower secret room

  • Eiffel Tower is a monument of France, which takes the second place for attendance after Notre Dame. From the date of opening until now, the monument was visited by about 250 million people. In a year about 6-7 million people rise on the tower. By 2017, the 300-million visitor of Eiffel's creation is expected.
  • Some curious tourists probably guessed about Eiffel tower secret room. But not many of them knew that on the last floor of the tower the whole apartment built especially for Gustav Eiffel is located. The apartment is arranged rather simply, and there is everything that was considered necessary for usual apartment of the 19th century, including carpets, wallpaper, and small bedroom. Despite it, the apartment became a subject of envy of many people. Moreover, they say that several times huge sum of money was offered to Eifel for one night in his apartment, but his attachment to unusual dwelling was so big that he has rejected all offers. Besides furniture, there is a grand piano. Here Eiffel had many meetings when he was in Paris, and high-ranking officials and aged people often were his guests. It 1899, Thomas Edison became Eiffel's guest. They have spent about ten hours in the apartment: smoked cigars and discussed the last invention of Edison — a phonograph.

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