What women look for in a man?

You always wanted to know what the secret of successful relations is and what exactly women want to see in their partners? Read the article and find out.


Everyone knows that girls from a young age dream of a prince on a white horse. Of course, later real feelings make their allowances, and loving woman learns how to accept both the strengths and weaknesses of the man she loves. But, of course, every woman would like to meet just a prince.

70% of men believe that during the first meeting women pay the most attention to the financial status of the partner.

This article is not about commercialism and the greed of our ladies. Every normal person does not want to live from paycheck to paycheck, wander in a rented apartment, go to a budget vacation and save on the essentials. The woman thinks of the future family and its existence. This is normal. Man must be a hard-working and intelligent. If you cannot provide the future of the family something is wrong with you.

Smart and good woman always choose a line man.

For those men who understand it, is another problem. What do women need from men? In addition to a high level of income and other financial nonsense? What women look for in men? A woman wants to see in her chosen one next qualities.

  • Women are looking for temper and power

What is peculiar?

They want their men to have the holistic and strong temper, reinforced male character, able to deal with internal and external storms.

  • Women are seeking for manhood in men

Men's craving for games and childishness is not eradicated, but everything should be in moderation. Many men do not know how to grow up. And it's time to learn to be responsible for their actions, keep their word, to get rid of financial irresponsibility, gain self-control. It is time to achieve goals and move forward. It's time to get out of the sandbox into the adult world! It's time!

  • Women are seeking for emotions in men

Women love emotions. Emotional and energetic relationships are better than smouldering. Regular communication, dating, love and moral support. Women are seeking for men who react to it and who is able to awaken similar emotions in her.

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    • Girls are looking for men with a sense of humor

    For the full pleasure from relations it is good to have a sense of humor. Partners spend a lot of time together, and it will be boring without a sense of humor. A sense of humor will help to smooth out sharp points and be friends. Friendship is a bonding "glue" for the amorous couple.

    • Girls are looking for men with similar worldviews

    Similar attitudes and the lack of fundamental differences bring people together. At the beginning of dating it does not seem very important, but in a long-term relationship, everything looks different. Different objectives and plans will lead to separation.

    • Women are seeking for men with perspective

    Excellent body

    Everything has a price and capacity. It is important for men to have goals in their life and desire to achieve them. Man flowing over the river will never be popular among women. Over the ages women have followed active and promising men.

    • Women are seeking for men with feelings

    Girls dream of seeing a true love in their partners Relationship without love is tequila without lemon and salt. Only mutual and strong love.

    • Women are seeking for defence

    A strong shoulder and support are necessary for each fragile young lady. She needs not a man's neck, but his shoulder.

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