What zodiac signs go together?

Haven’t found the love of your love yet? Probably the stars will help you. Meet the list of the best zodiac signs couples!


Astrology is a science and, regardless of whether one believes in it or not, the stars exert their influence on all, without exception.

The reputation of horoscopes was shaken after virtually all publications, and the daily news began to share a brief interview for different signs of the Zodiac – and it is clear that the day can not pass equally for all Cancers, Bulls or Lions. Here and there was the disappointment in horoscopes – most people think such forecasts are nonsense and do not believe in them.

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 But don't completely turn away from stars and believe that the horoscope does not deserve the slightest attention. On the contrary, a well-prepared own forecast with given the exact date and time of birth, down to the precise minute, can predict many of the decisive events in your life, and even to suggest what you should do in a particular situation.

 Compatibility horoscope can also bring many benefits – knowing what sign belongs to the chosen one you are, can understand and consider in what way are you similar and opposite, and using this to try to smooth things over and avoid conflict.

Today there are many different horoscopes compatibility. They help not only to understand yourself but also to get to know your partner. However, you need to understand that any horoscope is generalized information and horoscope compatibility reveals only a general tendency for the two characters.


To determine compatibility with a particular person, you need to consider not only his and her signs of the Zodiac, but a number of personal data (for example, the exact date and time of birth of partners, the location of the planets at the moment of birth).

As it is known, there are people born in a different period of the sign of the Zodiac (beginning, middle and end). There are also so-called transitional signs — people born in the period of change of characters (the last three days of the previous sign and the first three days following), which are attributed to the traits of both zodiac signs.

Taurus + Cancer. Harmony of this union is based on common interests, and above all, attachment to the family hearth, children. But in any even close to the ideal family from time to time some glitches happen. So, despite mutual love and respect, there is a possible affair of the wife and husband. This treason has even positive aspects because of it, oddly enough, the union strengthens. As they say, everything is relative. Each of the spouses converges "to the left," find in your sweetheart a bunch of different advantages, which for some reason had not noticed before. And most importantly, both convinced that the house is a fortress, where they are always properly understood and forgiven.

Taurus + Virgo. The marriage between these two signs is quite common and in most cases happy. Both are very practical, sensible, have the excellent host's quality. Both are ready to work tirelessly to build their nest, all in the house, yes, in the house. Though the Taurus is a bit stubborn (that's what Taurus), but Virgo is more flexible, always ready to sacrifice their own interests to preserve tranquility and peace in the house that is pretty well.


Taurus + Capricorn. The union is favorable thanks to the diplomatic skills of Capricorn. By nature he is a leader, therefore acts always in the role of educator and mentor throughout; starting from the change of habits, ending with the modification of its vital installations.

Gemini + Leo. Initially, the union is founded on passion and violent feelings. Over time, as usual, they weaken and are replaced by friendly, respectful relationships, which further strengthen the marriage. The main clip in it plays the Lion. The balance in this union is like this; if a Lion - man, Gemini - a woman - their relationships are like a beloved child, which they fondle, caress, do not give to die of boredom, in short, pamper. If Lion - female, male - Gemini - there is the obedience and docility. They are trying to please each other.

Gemini + Libra. The relationship of this union is smooth, streamlined; there are no outbursts of delight and surge of emotion. The dominant trait of marriage is harmony. They have many common interests; both are in domestic and professional terms. It seems that the master of the house is Twins. In fact, the real owner is Scales, but he is just like a secret rule. Especially it is wonderful when a Libra is a woman. By nature, she is a great mother, the good housekeeper. Male Twins appreciate it very much in relationships.


Leo + Libra. Regal Lion and the Scales balance perfectly complement each other. This is one of the most successful marriages, which is characterized by harmony and consistency. In all matters, they always find a common language, willing to compromise.

Gemini + Aquarius. Their union is jealous. It supposed to be a good marriage in all respects, despite the frequent showdown. They bring together common interests, they successfully complement and enrich each other. They are not bored together. This is greatly facilitated by Aquarius. But they have hard to digest: in search of new sensations, they will ever change. Aquarius completely and irreversibly can burn all bridges and leave recklessly, no matter what pangs it cost.

Cancer + Virgo. The union is strong thanks to the efforts of the Virgo, who put up with the different vagaries of Cancers, with a willingness to forgive them. Virgo is characterized by the consistency and reasonableness. They often sacrifice their own interests, turn a blind eye to the numerous antics of the Cancer in the hope that they will come to their senses, repent and return to their hearth and home. Typically, it happens. This situation suits them both and doesn't make a significant discomfort in their relationship.

Cancer + Cancer. It is a stable union. The longevity of marriage is based on similar life orientations, the same attitude, and perception. They perfectly understand each other. Each Cancer has its own secrets, no wonder they are called hermit crabs. The person who has secrets, able to respect other people's secrets. Cancers have a valuable and rare property: they are sensitive and serious about the family, strongly protecting it from different kinds of disasters.


Leo + Sagittarius. This alliance is built on mutual respect to each other, and therefore is particularly durable. They share a mutual working together, a commonality of worldviews and interests. Like gambling, they like foolhardy adventure and travel.

Virgo + Libra. One of the most successful and common marriages. Two of these signs converge well due to the same desire for comfort, coziness, and well-being. The similarity to domestic violence complements the mutual desire for balance in all other matters: material, sexual, psychological, etc. This is the key to a sustainable marriage.

Scorpio + Capricorn. A very attractive union. Both signs are equally strong. Through the years, they carefully carry their feelings, trying to save love. Their feelings are strong, permanent. Infidelity in marriage is such a rare accident.


Virgo + Virgo. Despite the identical sign, the marriage is stable and happy. Both Virgos understand well each other, trying to satisfy the tastes and requirements of the partner. Both are intelligent, patient, hard-working, making the prosperity and order in the house.

Libra + Aquarius. Many people envy this union. They share common interests and plans, a passion for travel. Both are sociable, fond of companionship, know how to have fun, creating a climate of ease around. Both are generators of ideas, they always come up with something, try to make others pleased.

Aries + Aquarius. For Aries Aquarius are perfect takedowns, couldn't be better. Aquarius is always ready to different types of change and adventure. Aquarius like no other sign appreciates and respects Aries as a human, as a personality, endorses the autonomy and the same response.

Libra + Sagittarius. The Union is not based so much on feelings as on mutual commitment to the joint activity. Due to this, they achieve a certain social status, respect, and authority. It is believed that this union is simply gorgeous.


Sagittarius + Aquarius. Reliable marriage. In this Union, they provide each other a certain amount of freedom, which is used carefully, avoiding trouble, sparing each other's feelings and not putting the partner in a false and ridiculous. Because of this in their relations there is always a touch of novelty, they don't stale each other. There is just easy communication, propensity to change, reasonable adventurism only to promote mutual understanding.

Aries + Sagittarius. Both understand that they still can not find the best pair. Therefore, a mutual desire to get involved with someone on the side very rarely leads to rupture. In all respects, Sagittarius, first and foremost, is a mentor and patron for Aries. Aries for Sagittarius - dumb child, hothouse plant that needs constant care.

Scorpio + Sagittarius. Marriage is particularly good sexually. Here they fit together just perfectly. But apart from that, they are good parents, and most importantly - ideological supporters.

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