When Is Google's Birthday?

What is the date of Google’s Birthday and why is it celebrated on the 27th of September? What are the achievements of the corporation for the past 18 years? Read the article to learn the most interesting facts about the company.

google birthday

Google when is your birthday

Many of us at least once asked a question when is Google's birthday. It always helps us with work and generally, every day. Today, on September 27, Google published a Doodle having reminded us when is Google birthday date and that now it is 18 years old. 18 years ago graduate students-mathematicians of Stanford University, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin, began to develop a search engine for a campus. On its basis, bright graduate students decided to create Google, which quickly enough outgrew simple student's search engine and became the worthy project, on which it was succeeded to collect investments. Google prospered and enjoyed popularity while other similar projects buried. However, on August 2004, the company changed the status on Google Inc and became an indicative point of success (under such name it was registered by Page and Brin, implying that it patented the rights to an Internet search engine). This day all official employees of Google became millionaires. They say that the big fortune came even to cooks and massage therapists who worked for the company. And the creators of Google are in the list of the wealthiest people of the planet to this day.

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Google has registered a domain name on the 15th of September 1997, but for some reason, which isn't known in open sources, the search engine celebrates Google's birthday on September 27. The search engine processes 41.34 billion requests monthly. Google indexes over 25 billion web pages every month (over 60 billion web documents were indexed during all the time). Besides, the Google Corporation is also known for other products. In particular, Google services of Maps, Gmail, the Google Translate and Google Docs have a wide popularity. Today it is known that Google supports more than 200 languages. It is, probably, the secret of the popularity of search engine.

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