Where did black people come from?

The question of where black people came from has been asked for as long as the Earth exists. And the Bible provides a clear answer to this question. Find this answer out with us.

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As you know it is commonly believed that all mankind with all its races and skin colors comes from Adam and Eve. The Bible states in the first book that after creating the earth and everything that lives on it, God created Adam and Eve and gave them a command to populate the Earth. Consequently, they are the people that every person comes from on this earth.

Later, as you know in this history of the Earth which we learn from the Bible, people got so sinful that God sent a flood to cover the whole Earth in order to destroy the whole mankind and left only one family, Noah’s one.

Noah, his wife as well as three of his sons and their wives were the only people that survived the flood. Therefore, they populated the earth. How come we have several races now if Noah’s family were of the same one? That is a question that many scientists struggle to answer, even though it is not as easy as it might seem.

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The definition of a race states that it is a biological division of mankind that has its own specific color and texture of hair, color of skin and eyes, body characteristics, etc. Scientists divide the whole mankind into three main categories: black (Negroid), white (Caucasian) and yellow (Asian) races.

Black people belong to the Black or Negroid race. If you go deeper into the history of black people it all started after Noah. However, many people used a poorly explained story of Noah’s son to state that black people were cursed and specifically marked by God. However, as the people familiar with the issue state there is no biblical foundation for such a belief.

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People often used the “cursed” theory, and that is how black people were considered to a worse kind of people, so they were taken as slaves or servants. Meanwhile, the Bible does not give such an explanation. Moreover, God gave people a better understanding of race when they discovered genetics.

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As scientists state there are two kinds of genes in the chromosome that parents give to their children: those that produce more melanin and those that produce no or little melanin. Since a child gets a pair of genes from a father and another pair from a mother, the color of the skin as well as other interracial specifics are given to him from parents.

Putting this in plain words, a child can only get the skin color from his parents, as children receive the same combination of genes as his parents. There is even a Punnet square that explains a possibility of offspring’s skin color from dark-skin parents.

 The black or light skin-colored people could save their skin color under conditions that they only married people with the same skin color as themselves.

Considering this scientific explanation and the fact that Noah and his family populated the earth, we come to a conclusion that one of his children, probably Ham, had a darker skin color than others. People were populating the earth mostly in the same area, as they had one language and common traditions. Then in Genesis 11 we learn the story that God in the view of growing arrogance of people imposed different languages, so that they would spread around the earth.

african people

That is how the scientists explain that people with dark color of the skin came to Africa and multiplied all over the continent. African people are known to have different gradation of the black color of their skin despite common stereotype of Europeans that they all have same black color.

African continent is a place where numerous great kingdoms existed. Though commonly, seen as slaves throughout many centuries, Africans were capable of creating several world’s most important civilizations. For instance, there was the Nile Valley civilization that existed there for almost 2,500 years until it was conquered by Persia.

Later there were civilizations like Axum and D’mt as well as a number of Islamic civilizations. Moreover, the richest man in the history of the world comes from the African continent. The great Egyptian history is also a proof of the deep history of African culture.

Right now Africa is home to numerous people. The African population is close to 1,3 billion people which is more than 16% of the world’s population. These numbers make Africa second most populated region in the world. Interesting is the fact that the world’s shortest people also live in Africa.

african population

African people constantly surprise us with their variety: there are at least 3 thousand tribes living in Africa. Moreover, there are more than 2000 languages spoken in different parts of the continent. The biggest country in Africa population-wise, while Ethiopia is the second one and Egypt is the third. The number of people living in Africa grows by 2 per cent every year. This is all we have to say about African population.

As you see, Africa has grown so much since the time of the flood and Babylon. People have proven that they are not cursed or condemned by God as it was believed by those who misread a story of ham in the Bible. God created all people equal and gave everyone an equal value. Therefore, there is no excuse for the years of slavery of dark-skinned population.

Moreover, they have been a lullaby for the Christianity in the years before it spread to Europe and rooted there. So we can be also grateful to African people for saving Christianity for the following generations.




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