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People are wondering how money is made. How a place where money is made is called? How is it protected? You’ll find out all the money making secrets right now.

In large countries (such as Russia, France, Germany, USA and others.) money are printed by the state enterprises. Small and poor countries use private enterprises, since these countries do not have money to pay for printing. A place where money is made may be situated in different countries.

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Some special organizations produce paper money and deliver it to different countries. Every year these company produce about 200 000 tons of this paper.

Such business is a very profitable for these companies. According to the officially published numbers of profits, it’s over 6.45 billion dollars. This amount included a profit not only from the banknotes, but also from the production of stamps, plastic cards, coins, badges and so on.

In the middle of the last century, the companies that had profit from the printing, were all private. Today, they are usually public.

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A place where money is made is called a mint. Both banknotes and coins need several steps to be produced. Coins are usually made from the large rolls of metal. These rolls run through a machine that punches out planchets (circular blanks). Next these planchets are fed into an ‘upsetting’ machine. It means that it squeezes the blanks a little bit to make a raised lip around the edge of a future coin. The upset blanks are fed into coin presses that are fitted with dies and that strike the front and back images into the metal.

To make cash people usually use 25% of linen and 75% of cotton. It’s printed on the special sheets of paper or polymer. There are always used different levels of protection. All varieties of colors are used printing money. You can often see some historical moments, places or famous people on the different banknotes. Sometimes government put some pictures on the banknotes that they are proud of. For example, rare animals or exciting nature miracles.

mint making money

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The most popular company, which produces the securities, is a British firm ‘De La Rue’. Its main customer is the United Kingdom. Britain was collaborating with ‘De La Rue’ for more than 11 years, during this period they managed to produce more than 11 billion of paper money. However, only third part of this sum is being used by people, about 3,1 billion.

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The company ‘De La Rue’ is so large that it is not afraid of competitors. But we should tell about one of its competitors - a Swiss ‘Orell Fussli’, which is on the market since 1911. It makes a profit not only from the issue of banknotes, but also from the sale of printing machines.

All companies cannot afford to exist only by printing money. Plenty of them are engaged in the other money-connected spheres: printing machines, banknotes bills, machines that destroy paper, the production of plastic cards, and sale of inks for printing money and even stamps for sale.

millions of dollars

Plastic cards are gaining its popularity. However, it’s certain that cards will not end ‘the life’ of paper money. One reason for this is that many world companies make lots of money on this.


It is a great article. As for me, it was interesting that money are consist of linen and cotton, because the last one is tissue. I think money in all country are printed by the state enterprises, but according to this article there are very small country that do not have money to print banknotes, that is why they use private companies. These private enterprises have profit due to the printing money; they earn money, because they print money. It is sound like a paradox. To my mind only state must issue paper money, not private companies.

Answered 1 year ago.

In large countries (Russia, France, Germany, USA etc.) the money printed by state enterprises. And in small and poor countries are engaged in private businesses, as countries have no funds to pay for this "fun" on their own.

All residents of the Russian Federation aware of the fact that moneys of the state are printed in a state enterprise. But almost no one knows that in cities such as Moscow, Perm, Krasnokamsk and Saint Petersburg, there are special organizations that produce paper money and put it in China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Guatemala. Every year the company produce about 11 000 t. of this paper.

Such a business for these companies is highly lucrative.

Answered 1 year ago.
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