Where sex offenders live

Are you scared of sex offenders? Read this article and find out where the most famous sex offenders live or lived.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The research done by the scientists has shown that the identity of the future serial killer or a sexual maniac is formed during infancy. Normally people are scared of them and want to know where sex offenders live in order to protect themselves.

sex offenders

The study showed that most of the sex offenders express aggression towards animals since their childhood. According to the experts, the cruelty is caused not only by the unfavorable situation in the family, which can fully explain the habits of the future killer at an early age, but also by the genes.

The law enforcement officials and doctors agree that it’s an interesting fact that almost all serial killers, sexual criminals and people with mental disorders are mostly aggravated during fall and spring seasons.

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The most terrible, cruel, dangerous and well-known serial killers and sexual offenders in the world committed their crimes during these seasons.

The criminologists from the United States state that most of the scariest sexual offenders among men (more than seventy percent) were the representatives of the lower class.

sex offenders

Richard Chase was recognized as one of the worst killers in the world.

He had a nickname "The Vampire of Sacramento". Chase drank the blood of his victims and ate the body parts of the dead. It is called necrophilia. In one month in 1977 he killed seven people in northern California. He suffered from paranoid schizophrenia; he had unbelievable and painful hallucinations.

After the murder he would have sex with the dead bodies of the victims. He preferred semi-automatic pistol as the murder weapon. A little bit later he was caught by the police.

In 1979 he was sentenced to death in the gas chamber. However, the execution didn’t happen- Chase committed suicide December 26, 1980.

sex offender

One of the most dangerous sex maniacs is considered to be Canada Paul Bernardo. Together with his wife he tortured and raped young girls aged 13-15. Then they killed them. They would film the whole thing. He was convicted in Toronto in 1995, thanks to the testimony of his wife.

The sexual offender, 46-year-old Russell Williams was arrested in Ottawa Sunday, February 7, 2010. Trenton, the base commander, was charged with the murder of 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd, the resident of Belleville, Ontario, and 38-year-old Corporal Marie Como from Brighton.

Como was found dead in his house in November 2009. Lloyd was missing from 28 January to 7 February but then her body was found. Both women were killed by the same method. Besides murders, Uilmyas was accused of the sexual assault of two other women in September 2009. He also attacked the women in Ontario.

Sipho Twala Agmatir became a nightmare for the eastern part of the Republic of South Africa in the end of the last century. He confessed committing 19 murders.

Some of the victims were never identified. Sipho Twala was convicted by the court of 16 murders and 10 rapes. Although the police suspected that the Strangler of the Phoenix committed a lot more crimes. He was sentenced to 506 years in prison, and he’s currently placed in one of the strictest South African prisons.

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You might ask - What if the sex offenders live in my area. How to avoid becoming a victim? Firstly, the psychologists say that you need to be confident.

Second, do not panic, stay calm and be prepared to resist. In order to reduce the likelihood of an attack you should follow simple safety rules - do not go with the strangers in the elevator, avoid deserted places, don’t sit in the car with strangers, don’t open the door without knowing who is behind it and be cautious with online dating.

What happens to the sex offenders after they get caught?

As a rule they go to prison. Sometimes the death penalty can also take place. Maniacs that are recognized as mentally ill are going to the specialized psychiatric hospitals. In some countries, sex offenders can go through the chemical castration.

Where sex offenders live after prison?

Government takes care of the safety of the citizens. Therefore, they make sure that sex criminals are held in special organizations. However, if they’re healed and won’t commit any more crimes, they can live apart but someone would still keep an eye on them.


I agree with the fact that children are the future become maniacs or serial killers, from the early years do not show love and care to animals and vice versa, twisted neck, eyes gouged out, and killed many more. Yes, attitudes of parents are playing too large a role in the family, because the child is like a sponge absorbs everything, and it does not pass without harm in the future. All the traumas of childhood are manifested at an older, mature age. So vyrostayut maniacs. I certainly do not know how to avoid attacks, but can defend themselves. Carry pepper spray with at least, it can save you life.

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