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Nigeria is called a rich country with poor people. Which one of its LGAs is the richest? Learn now from this post.

Nigeria is a developing country. There are various regions and stated there. Some of them are wealthier, while the others are poorer. Thus, the question arises which is the richest LGA in Nigeria? To answer it, we need to observe the issue in depth.
richest LGA in Nigeria

To understand the issue better, let’s consider the term. The richest LGA in Nigeria is an acronym for local government area. It is controlled by its Local Government Council. There exist 774 of them in Nigeria.

Functions of local government areas

If you want to answer the question above and to interpret the term LGA in a deeper way, it’s necessary to know about its functions. Their list usually includes:
the richest LGA 2

  • collection of taxes/fees,
  • provision of transportation,
  • establishment and regulation of parks, markets, and all the public conveniences,
  • birth, marriage, deaths official registration,
  • recommendations for State economy,
  • control of advertising,
  • licensing of various vehicles,
  • construction of roads and other facilities,
  • assessment of private houses, etc.

You may find the full list of those functions and their descriptions in the Nigerian Constitution.
Nigerian richest LGA

Chairman is a head of LGA. S/he and the other members of the Council should be elected. They are considered to be the lowest level of administration in a particular State. Nevertheless, each of them might be divided into wards (20 is maximum).

Factors of prosperity

It isn’t always easy to say which of the areas are more prosperous than the others, because it may depend on different factors. Among them, there are:

  1. Income. According to its amount, it’s possible to say which region is more stable economically. However, it’s not the only issue that is taken into account.

    richest LGA in Nigeria 1
  2. Pension amount. It’s also important how the older generation lives and what opportunities they have in life.
  3. Level of education. There are areas, which have more access to it, while for the others it might be a problem.
  4. Employment rate. If there exist a problem of unemployment (and it is urgent), it will always influence the region’s wealth in a negative way.
  5. Public services. The more people have access to such services as health care, transportation, housing, electricity, gas, and water, the better the situation is. There are areas, where people are starving and can’t get clear water at all.
  6. Resources. Each area is rich in a certain type of them. The more of them it has the wealthier the territory is. Rare resources might be also taken into account.

Richest LGA list in Nigeria

Now when you’ve known about factors that have their impact on the ratings, we can observe the list of the wealthiest areas. It contains:
LGA in Nigeria 2

  1. Obio Akpor. It is the most prosperous Local Government Area. It is situated in the River State (Port Harcourt metropolis). It is one of the leading economic centers of the whole country. Besides, this is a major city of Niger Delta.

    Its total area is more than 250 sq. km, while the population approaches to 880,000. It is divided into seventeen wards. Among the most widespread natural resources, we can distinguish natural gas and oil. Agricultural sector is also quite popular.
  2. Ikeja. It is the second richest LGA in Nigeria. It’s located in the Lagos State. It’s also considered its capital. Before 1980s, it was a commercial town with plenty of department stores, reservation areas, and other things. Then, there was an emergence of military rule. Nowadays it’s a significant city. There is an international airport there as well as the largest mall in the state. Natural gas, coal, wood, and water are the most common resources of the area.

    richest LGA in Nigeria 3
  3. Kurmi. It’s situated in the State of Taraba. It is famous for the richness of resources. The soil of the land is very fertile, which gives lots of opportunities to the agricultural sector. They grow various plants, such as rice, bananas, oranges, cocoas, and so on. As you may suppose, the majority of people there are farmers and their produce the greatest part of crops for consumption in the whole country. All the rest are exported, which gives extra money to the area.
  4. Esan Central. Located in Edo state, it’s composed by several towns and cities. Its major sector is agriculture. However, people of this land are also engaged into industry. There are lots of hotels, factories, and hospitals there.

    LGA in Nigeria 4
  5. Etinan. This area belongs to Akwa Ibom State. It is thought to be the richest in oil production. It’s famous for crafting and agriculture as well. Besides, it’s the most peaceful territory in the Western Nigeria.

These are the richest and most prosperous regions of the country. There used to be more of them, however, particular factors, like Civil War, have affected them.

Now you know a bit more about the politics in Nigeria and the principles of country division. There are many LGAs in this state. They are not equally developed. There exist those, which are wealthier than the others are. It is caused by various factors. Natural resources are one of the key reasons.

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