Who are Nobel Prize 2016 winners?

Ig Nobel Prize 2016. Who are the winners? What resources and discovers are the most shocking? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about Ig Nobel Prize 2016 winners here!

Ig Nobel Prize 2016

In Massachusetts, At Harvard University in Cambridge, the Ig Nobel Prize 2016 ceremony has already been held. It is a playful counterpart of the Nobel Prize, which is conducted annually since 1991, and notes the extraordinary scientific achievements that ‘first cause laughter, and then make you think’. The awards are given to ten winners by the owners of the real Nobel Prize. We already have the list of winners at our disposal.

blue panties

Reproduction: Ig Nobel Prize for reproduction was taken by biologist Ahmed Shafik, which found that the panties made of polyester are a very good contraceptive.

Prize for Economics

Economics: Prize for Economics was received by a group of researchers, which has denied the theory of famous economist Jennifer Aaker, which states that people perceive their preferred brands, as a person, and relate them with itself.

Prize for Physics

Physics: A team of researchers from Spain, Hungary, Switzerland and Sweden was awarded the prize in physics category for proof that horseflies do not sit on the white horses of the peculiarities of the structure of their eyes. The Ig Nobel Committee also liked their other study, which explained that the dark tombs look for dragonflies as the water surface, resulting that the insects often sit on them.

Ig Chemistry Nobel Prize

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Chemistry: Laureate of the Ig Chemistry Nobel Prize was the concern ‘Volkswagen’ for the scam behind the exhaust gas control devices. Their autos were equipped with a special system, which deceived experts into thinking that the machine emits the amount of nitric oxide, with the corresponding rate.

looking in the mirror

Medicine: The Germans were also the winners of the Ig Nobel for medicine. They proved that it is possible to relieve any itching of one side of the body, looking in the mirror and scratching the opposite side.

teen liar

Psychology: Award in psychology was gained by an international group of scientists who have found that the most skillful liars are young people and teens.

Peace Prize

Peace Prize: Another team of psychologists receives the Peace Prize for proving that fans of philosophical quotes on the Internet have a very low intelligence level, and most of them believe in paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories.

life with goats

Biology: there were two winners: Thomas Thwaites and Charles Foster. The first one was awarded for trying to get used to the role of thefox, otter, deer and badger, and the second one - for a three-day life among the goats.

Literature prize

Literature: Prize for his literary achievements was awarded to the famous Swedish writer and also entomologist, whose name is Fredrik Sjöberg. He wrote the book ‘The Fly Trap’ about the scientist who managed to invent a trap for insects. It’s autobiographic and basically it was centered around how much pleasure a scientist got, collecting dead or dying flies.

Perception Prize

Perception Prize: Prize for the elucidation of the human perception was received by Japanese scientists, who have found out that if you look at things upside down between your legs, they seem closer.

Ig Nobel Prize is awarded annually for the funny scientific achievements that usually cause laughter. For example, the British-Russian physicist Andre Geim got it in 2000 for his study on the use of magnets to levitate a frog.

Nobel Prize

Real Nobel Peace Prize nominees 2016 are already chosen and we are looking forward hearing Nobel Prize 2016 winners on the 10th of December. It was first awarded in 1901, 115 years ago. And it has already become legendary.

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