Who are the most expensive and famous prostitutes?

A number of women are engaged in prostitution all over the world. It is just a way of making money or something more? These ladies managed to survive and build a successful career. So check out our list of the most expensive prostitutes in the world right here!

prostitution job

There are always debates about this ancient profession. Prostitution history began many centuries ago. However it’s still very actual.

In different countries ladies get different money for this ‘work’. The lowest paid prostitutes live in Bangladesh, India, Mali and different African countries. The prostitute salary per act may is only $0,60 per act. This business is extremely popular world-wide. Some of girls are made to become prostitutes, some want to do it themselves.

However besides the money aspect, this job can bring a real popularity in the world of ‘prostitution’. But what should these girls do to become popular among others working in this field?

Porn actresses become popular, rich and successful due to the viewers. But the prostitutes’ clients usually want to stay incognito. Then how is it possible to become famous and very rich?

Prostitution facts

prostitution facts

If you think that the lives of prostitutes are full of satisfaction, money and positive, you are extremely wrong. This profession is very dangerous. Their clients may be different and they often treat the girls badly. They may hit, punch the ladies. Of course, they are punished for that, but what about the girls? It can lead them to the huge stress, deep depression and even suicide.

Often girls have to deal with perverts, freaks and crazy clients. The close connection with such people may be very disgusting and humiliating. The prostitute experience is usually very difficult to live with. Each prostitute story has some sad and even tragic episodes.

Also have you ever thought about the beginning of their careers? No girls become famous and expensive prostitutes in one moment. Usually they all start their career standing by the high-way.

A lot of girls disappear and are found killed after such ‘work’. It’s usually difficult to prove or find someone, who has done that as her ‘co-workers’ hide their places of work and personalities. Such girls are always situated in the police list ‘Missing’.

prostitue in new york

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The prostitutes always have problems with the police, because this kind of ‘work’ is forbidden in a lot of countries. If the police find such a ‘working girl’, she will have to pay fine or even go to jail.

Also the attitude of people is often negative. The girls cannot tell their parents or even friends about their profession. It always leads to the depression and negativity in general.

The prostitutes cannot have any personal life. Usually they do not have husbands and children.

These facts lead to terrible psychological condition of a woman, so she often starts using drugs or become an alcoholic.

All of these aspects may destroy a person’s life. However, these ladies managed to survive and build a successful career. So check out our list of the most expensive prostitutes in the world right here!

1. Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar

Her salary is $32,000 per month and $1200 per night.

2. Loredana

Loredana prostitute

 Her fee is $2,000 per night. However, you need to book a meeting long time before.

3. Kassandra

Kassandra escort

 She is very classy lady, which gets $3000 per night.

4. Ashley Dupre (Kristen)

ashley dupre escort

 A playboy girl earns about $4500 per night.

5. Ms Maya Blue

Maya Blue

The girl’s website has all the prices and services a man could dream of. The price per night is about $4500.

6. Ava Xi’an

Ava escort

This is a lady with an unusual appearance, who earns $6,500 per 1 night!

7. Natalie Mckennan

Nataly escort

This lovely young lady is well-known as number one escort woman in New York. She even appeared on the cover of the New York magazine as the highest paid escort lady in the city. She gets $2,000 per hour!

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