Who are the prettiest African male models? - Top 10

Who are the hottest African male models? How do they look like? What are their achievements? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about male models and their pics here!

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It is always a right time to look at a handsome man. Black male models have always been extremely popular in the fashion industry. So who is the hottest African male model? Check up Top 10 list in this article!

While most do not have the name recognition, not mentioning the cachet, male modeling is an extremely important part of pop culture. Service of both as a desirable body ideals and arbiters of cool, male models, they provide a visual representation of fashion (and the world in general) ideas of masculinity.

The publication of the list of black people from around the globe, who are dominant in the game right now, impressed the readers. It is a well-known fact that male models get less publicity and therefore are paid less than the female models, so the site was hoping to highlight the most recognizable face of this selected group. Some people can immediately recognize Sacha M'Baye from Gap, Armando Cabral from H & M ads and David Agbodji - Calvin Klein. But the rest of them were new for us and we were happy to get acquainted with them.

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But really, who are these individuals who have a widespread presence in the fashion landscape? Would you be able to name five African male model faces without blinking and over thinking it? Well, we’ve picked 10 African male models that draw our attention by their charisma and success. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you’ll find real diversity through these 10 profiles.

There’s a tendency in fashion to focus on female, but not male modeling jobs. From time to time, you can see an interview or a small piece of info on a successful man- model. But really, who are these people who have a wide presence in the fashion industry? Could you name five African male models, without batting an eye and over thinking? Well, choosing 10 African male models, who attract our attention with their charisma and success, was not easy, because there are plenty of them. Real beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you will find a huge diversity in these 10 profiles.

Top 10 handsome African models:

1. Staniel Ferreira

Staniel Ferreira

  • He is from Guinea Bissau.
  • His height is 6′ 2″.
  • His agency is Vision Los Angeles.
  • A true handsome man, Staniel is a real promising new face. Staniel’s photos speak for themselves. So now he’s definitely a cool model to keep an eye on. No doubt, it’s a beauty.

2. Sacha M’Baye

Sacha M’Baye

  • He is from Senegal, France.
  • Height is 6’2″.
  • Male modeling agencies: Why Not (Milan), Select (London), New Madison (Paris)
  • He is only 23 years old, Sacha has already become one of favorite African models and has already worked for American Eagle, GQ Style, Gap, Stone Island and also Burberry. He exploded the fashion industry with his appearance. Also Sacha is a semi-pro soccer player.

3. Tidiou M’Baye

Tidiou M’Baye

  • He is from Senegal, France.
  • Height is 6’3.
  • His agency is Select Model Management.
  • He was brought to the catwalk and the fashion industry in general by Sacha, his brother.  The guy was spotted in many different advertorials, runways, fashion and beauty campaigns. His stunning look let him to start the career with Stone Island and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • His age is 21.
  • Place of origin: London.
  • His ethnic origin: French and Senegalese
  • His birth sign: Pisces.
  • How the career began: his older brother, who is Sacha M’Baye, brought him into the agency and that started his career.
  • His favorite things: life and all the challenges that comes together with it.
  • His favorite music or band: afrobeats, bashment, RnB, country, classic, The Collar Bones and a little bit of everything.
  • His hobbies are reading, airsoft, chess, dance, watching documentaries.
  • His favorite clothing: well, suits, it is not something he wears often but when he does (for example, for work) it makes him feel proper.
  • Something weird he likes: nothing so special.
  • His favorite modeling experience in industry: all of them were very special for him in its own way.
  • What is the coolest thing about his hometown or country? South London.
  • The place or country he would like to visit: Vanuatu.
  • What is he obsessed with? He said beautiful women.

4. Yassine Rahal

Yassine Rahal

  • He is from Morocco.
  • Height is 6’1″.
  • Works for: Idole Model Management.
  • Yassine Rahal is a Parisian with Moroccan origin and had a lot of troubles establishing himself because of the real ambiguity of his interesting features. Often label says ‘not black enough’ or often ‘not white enough’, however his handsome face has never revealed his background. You may say: so what? As he has a pretty unique face and he works now with a French agency. Also he has already joint a lot of campaigns, ads, runways and editorials.

5. Adonis Bosso

Adonis Bosso

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  • He is from Ivory Coast.
  • His height is 6’2″.
  • His agencies are DNA Models in New York and Jill Models Management.
  • Adonis has become one of the OKA favorite ones. He was spotted him in lots of shows during famous New York Fashion Week. Well his impressive features and his charisma make him the perfect face for a lot of designers. He has already worked for Richard Chai, H&M, Kenneth Cole, Diesel, Custo Barcelona, Jeremy Scott, Duckie Brown, Vivienne Westwood and DKNY amongst others.

6. David Agbodji

David Agbodji

  • He is from Togo.
  • Height is 6’1″.
  • His first agency is Model Management in New York.
  • He was ranked number 15 in the famous Top 50 Male models and so David doesn’t need any introduction. Check up a couple of names from the very-very long list of labels and brands he has already worked with: Bottega Veneta, Dsquared2, Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan, Banana Republic, Vivienne Westwood, Tode Snyder, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès, Kenzo, Dolce Gabbana, Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein and alsoHugo Boss. He is known for his pretty lips and body, he is a representative of the continent around the world.
  • He was the first black male model, who joined a campaign for Calvin Klein, so Agbodji broke all barriers. It became an instant classic, when the Steven Klein-helmed the ads and campaign with its ultraslick imagery dropped

7. Armando Cabral

Armando Cabral

  • He is from Guinea Bissau.
  • His height is 6’2″.
  • First Agency is Wilhelmina Models.
  • Well-known supermodel Armando Cabral has worked with plenty of designers because of his huge charisma. While successful working as a male model worldwide, Armando Cabral developed a strong desire for designing and so has created his peronal shoe brand.
  • Nationality is Portuguese.
  • Birth Date is 1982.
  • Now lives in New York, NY.
  • Status is established, sexy boy.
  • Known for: perfect cheekbones, skin.
  • His agency: Wilhelmina.
  • Famous friends: Philip Huang, Boyd Holbrook.
  • His interests: soccer.

8. Fernando Cabral

Fernando Cabral

  • He is from Guinea Bissau.
  • Height is 6’2″.
  • His first agency is Karacter Models in Paris
  • He was scouted in 2010 by Karacter Models, Fernando Cabral is the sibling of successful male model Armando Cabral. These two brothers are real presents for the fashion industry and they have worked together for a famous H&M campaign. A unique face with a great appearance makes Fernando as successful as his brother is.pretty Fernando Cabral
  • Fernando Cabral may be a famous model at the top of the game, but no matter how many ads he books or catwalks he walks down, he still can stay surprisingly grounded and humble. His successful job in front of the camera has let him to travel all around the world, making different connections throughout the fashion industry and getting the hearts of all he encounters. Armando Cabral has thankfulness for his family, friends, and also the opportunities his career has given him. All of that has afforded him to become famous.
  • Once he was asked: ‘You are originated from Guinea-Bissau, so what does it mean to be an African model to you?’ He said: ‘Personally, it always keeps me grounded. And I feel like I have come from far, and now having the possibility to do what I like and to be able to call it a real career, so I can only be very thankful’.

9. O’Shea Robertson

O’Shea Robertson

  • He is British.
  • His height is 6’2″.
  • His agency is Select Model Management.
  • And this year, he was on the catwalk working for Dsquared2, Phillip Lim and Versace amongst others. O’shea Robertson is a British-based model, famous all over the world.

10. Salieu Jalloh

Salieu Jalloh

  • He is from Sierra Leone.
  • His height is 6’2″.
  • His agency is Red Model management NY.
  • Salieu Jalloh is a handsome young king in a modern fashion industry. The mix of his pretty eyes, African nose and mouth is stunning and has already made him famous in the cruel fashion world. He is constantly asked to work in different campaigns and advertisements. 

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