Who are the richest animals in the world?

What is the richest animal in the world? You probably know the richest people, but what about animals? Do you know anything about it? This matter is quite unique and interesting, so let’s explore.

richest dog

Remember that feeling when you read a news that some rich old lady dies and all of her possessions are inherited by her cat? Well, that sounds weird to most people, but it does not change the fact that people do love their pets sometimes even more than they love people.

Just remember the case of a dog named Trouble. The master of the dog, Leona Helmsley, before her death commanded that all her funds will be used for taking good care of her dog. Thus, a dog named Trouble lived a far better life than most human beings do.

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The case is getting so popular that psychologists decided to investigate the motives and reasons. Thus, a psychologist Joel Gavriele-Gold wrote a book “When Pets Come between Our Partners” where he explains that people tend to love pets more than people in the view of the egocentric nature of people and loyalty of, for instance, dogs. When you compare them, you feel like loving a dog is 10 times easier than loving a mere human.

So let’s see what other pets were so loved by their masters that they became richer than many people on the planet.

The first pet with a great sum of money at his disposal is a dog named Gunther IV. This German Shepherd inherited a fortune from his father known as Gunther III who at his own time was a pet of Karlotta Liebenstein. Karlotta loved her dog beyond words, so when on her dying bed she ordered all the money she made throughout life to give to her pet. Thus, the dog received $80 million and all the care he could ever wish for. Moreover, when his trustees turned $80 million into $375, he was able to purchase a few villas in Italy and also a huge house that used to be a home for Madonna.

richest cat

Our next richest pet is a cat. His name is Blackie, and specialists say that his total possessions equal $25 million. It is not as much as Gunther IV has, but still quite a fortune FOR A CAT! The fun fact about this cat is that even though his owner left him all of his wealth which is $25 million, th cat eventually ran away and was not found since that time.

richest chicken

The third richest animal on the planet is a chicken. Being a chick for some of them is not only about laying eggs. It is also about inheriting $10 million from his master before his death. Her master used to be a publishing mogul; however, he died soon after his wife and left his wealth to a chicken. So no laying eggs or being eaten once for breakfast. Being a chicken can really be fun.

Ironically, the next richest pet is the dog named Troubled we mentioned above. This puppy inherited $1.6 million after the death of his mistress, billionaire Leona Helmsley. However, after the death of Leona all the relatives opposed her will in a race to get some of her money. So the dog only got $1.6 million instead of initial $6 million. What a bummer!

richest dogs

The fifth richest pets in the history are two dogs owned by a rich old man (probably). They inherited $720,000 and a personal slave who took care of them and let them watch TV and eat great dog food. It is not a piece of cake to look after two spoiled dogs, you know! Especially after those that own more than you will ever earn.

The next richest pet is a cat again. As the story goes, he met this woman not too long before she died; however, the lady loved the cat so much that left him all her money and called him Tinker. People say that her relatives were pissed off. No wonder, they knew her better than this cat and got significantly less money. Tinker is told to have spent his last lonely days in a mansion where her old mistress’ relative could not find him. Poor little thing!

richest tortoise

The last on our list is a rich tortoise named Silverstone. This pet was entertaining Christina Foyle who is known to earned great money in the publishing business. Silverstone became her best friend and a favorite after the tortoise demonstrated some significant for a tortoise speed. Thus, probably the tortoise will get a professional racing uniform on the money he got from his mistress? Who knows!

Do not feel too jealous about these rich animals. Go work and maybe one day you will become a favorite one of a rich old lady yourself. Just kidding! Keep reading us and find more surprising news!

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