Who are the tallest men on the globe?

How tall is the tallest man in the world? Who are among the tallest people on earth? You will find an answer to this and much more in this article.

Tallest man

People who are the tallest ever known humans on Earth always attracted much attention in the view of their uniqueness and unexplainable height. However, in different time people treated them in a different way. For instance, in the 20th century, extremely tall people were invited to participate in the circuses and freak shows. Before that person were afraid of tall people as they seemed to be too powerful.

the Tallest man

Anyway, in this article, we will present the tallest men on Earth that ever lived or are still living. The tallest man ever is considered to be an American named Robert Wadlow. Even though he lived a very short life of 22 years, he came into history as the tallest man ever known to humanity. He was born in 1918 and lived until 1940. His friends called him Alton Giant, as he was about 2.72 meters tall. Robert suffered from hyperplasia, and as a result, he had an increased amount of hormone of growth in his body.

He was taller than his father, Harold Wadlow, at the age of 8. And by the end of the elementary school, the parents had to bring their special desk into the school for their son to study. After he had finished school, he enrolled at the Shurtleff College and was going to study law. Unfortunately, this tallest man in the history suffered from his height. In the view of the long legs, he had to wear braces. In addition, he almost had no feeling in his legs. He showed no sign of growth process stops until his death.

Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever, became immensely popular after he went on a tour with the Circus. That is when a shoe company spotted him and offered him getting shoes free of charge if he joins their promotional campaign. Being a member of Mason organization, he became the owner of the biggest Mason ring ever made in the history. Unfortunately, he died early at the age of 22 in his sleep. He died from the autoimmune disorder and an infection that he got during a blood transfusion. No man ever could beat his record of being the tallest man on the planet.

Tallest man ever

The next tallest person ever known is also an American. He lived in Tennessee in the family of a farmer slave. The name of the second tallest man ever was John Rogan. Born in 1865, he was the fourth child in the household. John was of a regular height until 13 years old. At that age, he started growing so fast that he got ankyloses and was unable to walk at all. By the age of 36 he was as tall as 2.59 meters, and that is when he became famous. He would make a cart that goats would carry around and go to the nearest train station to sell the cards with his portrait on it as well as some of his drawings. This was the way he made his living.

John Rogan died at the age of 40 years due to the complications of ankyloses. He is the tallest African American ever known (2.67 meters) and used to the record-breaker until Robert Wadlow overcame his record with his height.

the tallest men in the world

The tallest person number three is known as John Carroll born in 1932 in New York. He came into history as a Buffalo Giant, as his height was more than 264 centimeters. However, this information is disputed as John had a spinal curvature that did not let the scientists measure him properly. It is due to this medical issue that Kohn shrank in his size by the end of his life. A year before his death he was measured at 234 centimeters when standing; unfortunately, this height is not precise due to the curvature. Hew died at the age of thirty-seven years old in New York.

the tallest man in the world

The next tallest man ever known in history comes from Ukraine. Leonid Stadnyk is 2.57 centimeters tall. The reason for his gigantism is the brain tumor he had as a teenager. As a result of surgery he received that growth hormone in an excessive amount and could not stop growing until the end of his life. Leonid was reported to lose the tumor and be miraculously healed with time, but the growth hormone never left his body. He weighed 200 kilograms, and that made it hard for him to move, so he had to hold a tree or a house wall not to fall.  Unfortunately, Leonid refused to be measured by the Guinness Book of Records. He said that he was already once measured by a Ukrainian Book of Record and has no desire of becoming a celebrity or anything. That is why his height is disputed.

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the tallest men ever

The tallest man in the world that comes as a number six on our list is Väinö Myllyrinne that originates from Finland. His height at its peak was 251 centimeters. He reached the height of 222 centimeters at the age of 21; however, he did not stop there and reached 251 centimeters by the time he turned 30. His weight varied between 180 and 197 kilograms.

Väinö served in the military and is known also to be that tallest man ever served in Viipuri Heavy Artillery Regiment. During his lifetime he worked for a circus and later as a professional wrestler. However, he had to return to his homeland at the beginning of a Winter War to fight for Finland, after which he came back home and started a family business in farming. People often called him a Great Finn as he was the tallest Finnish person ever known in the history.

the tallest canadian

Our next records breaker is Édouard Beaupré from Canada. He is known for being the tallest strongman and a wrestler in the history of the world. His peak height was 251 centimeters. He was of a standard height until he turned 7, then by the age of 11 he reached the height of over 2 meters. He only finished a secondary school; nevertheless, Édouard, one of the tallest man in the world, spoke five languages.

He helped his father at first, but then he went on a tour where he earned money by bending iron bars and doing other tricks. Once he was conquered by another world’s strongest man named Louis Cyr. He was often offered to work for different organizations; his last job was for St. Louis World’s Fair, but he never made it to it, as he dies few days after signing the contract. By the time of his death, he was 2.52 meters tall.

the tallest man still alive

The next tallest person in the history of the world is actually still alive. Sultan Kösen comes from Turkey and is as tall as 2.51 meters now. Sultan is a farmer, and actually is this tall in the view of a tumor he experienced, but as of 2010,  the treatment he received was proven to be working, so the level of the growth hormone in his body was successfully halted. In the view of the difficulties he experiences in his daily life, he had to leave his school. Right now he works part-time on a farm and enjoys the small things he can do everyday like helping his family around the house and playing computer games.

Sultan got married in 2013 to a girl named Merve originating from Syria. She is ten years younger than our tallest man on earth at the moment. The couple said that they have no problems with his height, and it does not bother any of them. Unfortunately, it's hard for them to find the common language, as Sultan speaks Kurdish and Turkish and his wife is only fluent in Arabic. Nevertheless, they fight against this issue.

As you see, the history f the world is full of people with surprisingly large height. Some of these people lived years ago; some are still alive. Their growth is usually an abnormality that results from a tumor that damages the growth hormone in their body. Moreover, as their stories show it is not easy to be as tall as they are, and these people have or had to overcome difficulties in things that people of regular height find easy.

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