Who are the world’s oldest male twins?

Who are the world`s oldest male twins that live today? What do they do? How do they live? Read the article to find out!

oldest twins

Who are the oldest twins that live on the Earth? What do they do in the life? The oldest male twins live in Belgium. Pieter and Paulus Langerock just turned 103. They can raise their glass of wine for more than a century. These brothers have lived together for more than a century, and neither of them has even been married. They now share their nursing room in the Belgium city of Ghent. They might regret that they don`t have any children of theirs for the all-time. They also might say that they are the best bodies to each other in their happy birthday.

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The oldest male twins have been working as magistrates of their city for many years. Therefore, they prefer to speak French. They can address to each other as “Paul and Pierre.” It`s nice to see these two people together for almost a century. They have their secrets for their long livability life. They just desired to be healthy and free from anything. They still have some regrets in their life. They enjoyed a good wine for almost the same century of the life. They also enjoy their sports life. And no stresses for them for today.


What do we know about the oldest male twins for life? It should be given attention to the idea that not so many people can live much long and at the same time enjoy their life. These two male twins happened to be in many parts of the world.

Old twins

It`s nice that people can enjoy their life even if they stay in that old age. They can visit their friends, enjoy their life together and know that the closest family members still around them. They also enjoy charity for their city and can be named honored citizens of Ghent. Their life was long and full of adventures and journeys. It`s also possible that can live few decades’ years more enjoying their life as the oldest male twins on the earth. It would not be quite easy for other competitors to kick their record in the closest time possible.

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