Who are the world's richest criminals?

Henry Ford once said: "I am ready to report right now for every cent earned. But do not ask me where I got my first million." In this article we would like to tell you about the people who did not stop, having earned only one dishonest million - about richest criminals in history.


10. Joseph Kennedy ($ 200-400 million) - Head of the clan

Clan Kennedy in the last century was one of the most influential in the US as in the political arena, and in the closely related field of business. Joseph made a considerable contribution to this. He was the father of US President John F. Kennedy, United States Senator and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Senator Edward Kennedy, the Navy officer Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

He earned his fortune as the head of the family because of the illicit trade in alcohol during Prohibition. Then, he bought and sold land and property, speculating on the stock exchange. In twenty-five years he has headed the bank, and at thirty-five became a multimillionaire. At the same time, Joseph also has married Rose Fitzgerald, daughter of the mayor of Boston, but that did not stop him to have multiple mistresses.


9. Meyer Lansky ($ 300-400 million) - Mafia accountant from Belarus

Meyer Lansky was born in a Jewish family in the city of Grodno (in present-day Belarus). At the age of 9 years, he together with his parents migrated to the United States, where he changed his surname to more sonorous - Lansky.

Meyer Lansky is known as "Mob's accountant", one of the leaders of American organized crime, along with his friend and partner Charles "Lucky" Luciano was played an important role in the creation of the "National crime syndicate" in the United States. For decades he was considered to be one of the most influential people in the country.

Meyer Lansky 

8. Griselda Blanco ($ 500 million). - Godmother

"Godmother" of Miami Griselda Blanco was perhaps the most ruthless gangster America 1970-80 period. She is equally well known as a person with a good business intuition and as a ruthless sociopath. At age 11, she took a small child hostage, demanded a ransom and eventually killed him with a shot to the head. Blanco is also suspected of depriving the lives her three husbands and sentenced to death more than 200 people, and at gunpoint forced the men to have sex with her.

Griselda Blanco

7. Anthony Salerno ($ 500 million) - a gangster in pajamas

Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno stood out from the crowd for its branded hat and cigar very well. The path to the top of the hierarchical ladder of the Genovese family he began with gambling and racketeering. And in the 60th the New York Empire brought him $ 50 million profit.

In 1987, Tony received 100 years in prison, soon he died.

Anthony Salerno

6. Joaquin Loher($ 1 billion) - the criminal number 1

Joaquin "Shorty" Loher was born April 4, 1957 in a family of poor peasants. As a child, his father was expelled from the house because of 'irreverent attitude to his parents, "so it is not surprising that the child has not received any education, and stood in the ranks of the drug dealers.

The power created by Joaquin Sinaloa cartel can only be judged by the fact that for the illegal transportation of drugs from Mexico to the United States they use their own submarines.

Today, the Mexican billionaire took 24th place in the ranking of the most influential people in the world, and after the murder of Osama bin Laden, he also became the most wanted criminal in the world according to Forbes.

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5. Al Capone (1.3 billion) - Scarface

Junior Alfonso stood up very early with the need to earn a living: like other of his peers, he could only qualify for the heavy, low-paid work, devoid of all sorts of perspectives. By the sixth class Alfonso has become a full member of the gang, and along with them patrolled the streets of his native district.

Capone left school after two years, tried lots of different professions, and had to work as a bouncer, and a bowling alley assistant, and a pharmacy, and even in a candy store, but he more and more was attracted by the night life. Thus, for example, he liked to play pool, he within a year won absolutely all tournaments, which were conducted in Brooklyn.

In adolescence Capone left New York and moved to Chicago. Here he soon destroyed ruling at the time  the Irish gang, killing only for the 1924-1929 year, more than 500 people. There is also widely known story about how on the day of St. Valentine, in 1929 the Capone gang members in the form of Chicago police officers broke into the garage, where Alfonso competitive  Moran gang has organized warehouse contraband whiskey. Moran people, taken by surprise, raised their hands, being convinced that it was a real police. They dutifully lined up them near the wall, but instead of the expected raid, shots rang out.

al capone

4. Susumu Ishii (1.5 billion) - the idol of Japan

Yakuza godfather Susumu Ishii during the Second World War was a member of the kamikaze units, but returned to the front of the living, he began his career already as a gangster. The initial capital Susumu earned due to gambling scams, for what he soon was imprisoned. Being released Ishi waited for a new opportunity. In 1984, Japan's economy was under the influence of the bubble, so that a mobster using fraud in the banking sector quickly amassed 1.5 billion. Dollars, which are then were invested in the US and Korea.

It is said that for the financial strength of the corporation billionaire, in 1989, even hired a Prescott Bush, the brother of George Bush Sr. In 1991 Susumu Ishii died. His funeral was attended by more than 5,000 people.

Susumu Ishii

3. Carlos Lehder ($ 2.7 billion.) - King of the Bahamas

One of the founders of the Medellin cartel's Carlos Lehder today is officially the only living participant from our list (some are hidden, others maybe are dead). At the present time a drug lord is in US prison, serving a life sentence without parole.

In those times Carlos Lehder led the whole island in the Bahamas, the communication point between Colombian cocaine and the United States. At the distance of 200 kilometers from Florida were hotels, marinas, and even the airport. Giving out their activities for the implementation of a large tourist project, Carlos actually turned the island into a fortress. Around it were warning panels, high watchtower, alarm and electronic security system.

Carlos Lehder

2. Amado Fuentes ($ 25 billion.) - Lord of the heavens

Amado Fuentes is currently the richest in the history among the criminals. He headed the Juarez cartel in the mid-1990s, provided 25% of all US drug trafficking. At the disposal of the billionaire was 27 aircrafts - Boeing 727 for the transport of drugs, for which he was even nicknamed the ruler of heaven.

Amado died in consequence of an unsuccessful operation to change appearance in 1997. At a time when the empire grew exponentially every day increasing his fortune. This fact is haunted by many analysts and reporters, stating that the operation was just the same as it was intended.

Amado Fuentes

1. Pablo Escobar ($ 30 billion) - Almost President

At the beginning of his "career" Pablo was involved in racketeering, theft of cars and people. But the main wealth, of course, he earned in the drug trade, leading the largest in the history of Medellín Cartel. At the end of 1970 the Empire controlled 80% of all US drugs.

With such financial capacity billionaire built entire neighborhoods in his native Medellin, knowing that the support of the population will be able to protect him when dealing with the authorities. Once a drug dealer even ran for president of Colombia, but because of the criticism and accusations of Minister of Justice in the "dirty cocaine money" he left the elections.

Pablo Escobar

At the time, Pablo even proposed to pay the entire foreign debt of Colombia ($ 10 billion), if that would legalize coca. US authorities, on this statement, Colombia was threatened by the war, of course, if they would meet the offer.

Escobar was killed in 1993 by a sniper shot to the head, in the course of government operation.

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