Who are top 5 Nollywood actresses with the biggest bosom?

Nollywood is proud of its actors and actresses. Talent and beauty always go together. Meet good-looking owners of biggest bosom in Nigerian film factory.

big bosom
A lot of actresses have become popular in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood. Most blessed with the natural talent of acting and have decorated the industry by their beauty and attractiveness. These stars have moved the Nollywood to a whole new level.

In the present article, we are taking a look at the Top 5 Nollywood stars who are blessed and endowed with the biggest bosom in Nollywood. This list may not include some of the fresh faces around the block, but it contains famous faces that have graced the industry.

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Yvonne Okoro

The Nigerian-born Ghanaian actress is one powerful figure in the movie industry. She's blessed with the beautiful bosom that suits her body perfectly. The actress revealed some time ago that she got such big bosom from her mom. The laws of nature work perfectly. She is proud of her genetics.

big bosom

Bimbo Thomas

Bimbo Thomas, a Nollywood actress, is one of fashion followers who believes in the fashion truism. Her motto is - be proud of what you have. Hence she flaunts her smooth skin, curvy figure and cleavage.

Her natural forms are perfect. They are firm, and she has no single stretch mark on her bosom.

big bosom

Mercy Johnson

The list wouldn't be complete with Mercy in it. This lady is not just blessed with the talent of acting, but she's also got the big bosom that makes her get noticed and she is isn't afraid to flaunt it.

big bosom

Florence Johnson

Not the most attractive face behind the screen, Busty Nollywood actress, Florence Johnson, is an actress who appears unassuming to many. But beneath her simplicity, modesty, and pristine beauty is a young lady with an incredible character. He talent in interpretation is a reason she is currently the toast of many producers.

She was once involved in a bosom war with another busty Nollywood star Cossy Orjiakor. Florence is well endowed and feels right, cool and damn sexy with her bosom. She is not pushing it in people’s faces. She does not expose it before people notice her bosom. The sparkling actress is sure enough in her beauty.

big bosom

Afro Candy

Judith Chichi Opara Mazagwu was otherwise known as Afro-Candy ranks on our list. The scandalous and controversial Nollywood actress is spoken about.

big bosom
The top of surprise came when she produced the first soft porn movie in Nigeria. She made it clear that she has no shame and is using her bib bosom as she considers.

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