Who are top 8 world's strongest kids?

How to make a kid being strong? How to make a child being the strongest in the world? Read about top 8 world's strongest kids .

strongest kids

Many parents teach children to go in for sport from the early age. But there are some kids who are not professional sportsmen but  managed to set world records and make themselves more attractive than professional athletes with years of experience. These children are known as the world’s strongest kids on Earth. The world strongest kids 9 and 11 years old and of other ages.

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Giuliano Stroe and Claudio

Romanian brothers-athletes from an early age began the conquest of the Guinness Book of Records. The elder brother Giuliano started working with his father when he was two years old, and only at the age of four for the first time got to the Book of Records for the fastest ten-tunneling on hand with gymnastic ball squeezed between the legs. Another record Giuliano put at the age of 9; he fulfilled 20 times press on wooden pegs.

 His younger brother did not give  Claudio, and also made his first record as early as four years old - he is made  20 times pressed from the floor at the arm length. The boys became the world’s strongest kids.

strongest children

Mariana Naumova

A girl from Russia, Mariana Naumova, at the age of 16 has already established more than 20 world records in the bench press barbell lying. The first great success happened when Maryana was 11 years old at the competition in Moscow. She shook 60 kg. After that event, the schoolgirl was recognized as the invention of the Year by the"World of force" magazine.

Soon Mariana was the first teenage girl, admitted to the competition on one of the most prestigious tournaments on the planet for the athletes - Arnold Classic.  Arnold Schwarzenegger  personally congratulated the girl with a victory and a new record of the athletic competition. Last year on the same Arnold Classic Mariana in a single-layer outfit Mariana shook  150 kg.

strongest kids

Richard Sandrak

An American guy with Ukrainian roots began to swing, when he was only six years old and already had eight fastest attacks in the world - 110 strokes by hand for 15 seconds and 30 kicks at the same time. Soon the little Richard was noticed by mass media when his performances  decorated the main events in the world of bodybuilding - "Mr. Olympia", the Classic Arnold, "Night of Champions" and others. He continued the list of the world’s strongest kids.

In 2005, when Richard was only 12 years old, he became led  "little Hercules Training for Children" a favorite TV show, which was translated into many languages, including  Russian. Now Richard is 23 years old and physically is stillstrong and trained.

srongest kids

Young Chinlone

Young became known throughout the world as the most powerful Chinese child at the age of seven when Chinese television showed as he pulled a 2-ton vehicle. His father started training Young after the child picked up and carried 90-pound parent on the back. A Little athlete does not have athletic experience. At the age of  7, his weigh was more than 50 kilograms.

strongest kids

CJ Senter

An ordinary boy, CJ Senter from the USA, Georgia became the youngest in the history of fitness instructor in 10 years. The child started to train at the age of five, and when he was ten, has released the first CD with his method of training, which in the first few months, has sold 4,500 copies.

strongest kids

Jake Shellenschlyager

Another eminent American teenager Jake Shellenschlyager became famous throughout the world when he was 14 years old. He raised the barbell weighing 136 kg, which was two and a half times harder than the weight of his body. It is worth noting that, unlike the previous athletes training Jake started rather late - at 11, and achieved the world record two years later.

strongest world kids

Barbara Akulova

A young girl from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, twice hit the Guinness Book of Records - first in 2004 as the strongest child of the planet, and then as the most powerful woman in the world. For the first time, Barbara performed at competitions in power lifting when she was four years old and had a body weight of 22 kg. She showed a result of total 92.5 kg lifting at three exercises.

At the age of  10, she began to perform regularly in the circus. The most impressive performance was  her lifting a ground with ten men standing on it. The total weight of the platform was about 700 kg.

strongest kids

Naomi Kutin

A schoolgirl from New Jersey, the USA, has been recognized as the strongest girl in the world in 2012 when she was ten years old. Naomi sat down with a barbell weight of 97.5 kilograms with a body weight of 42 kg. One year later, she was able to improve her results, squatting with a barbell of 105 kg and doing deadlights with a weight of 113 kg.

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