Who colonized Ghana?

Little is known of the small African kingdoms in the region between the Tano and Volta rivers until the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century. Do you want to learn more? Read here.


In 1482, the Portuguese created the first European fort, and Ghana had finally been colonized. Who colonized Ghana?

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However, many other countries such as Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Denmark had influence and colonized Ghana in the later years. Many of the countries did endure some resistance one way or another from native tribes. In 1807, the tribal state of Asante, wanting to expand its rule from the interior part of Ghana, invaded the coastal areas of Ghana. The fact is that these invasions were poorly thought out. As a result, they disrupted the trades of timber, gold, and palm oil. Now we know which country colonized Ghana.


The British and the Dutch had to comply with them, or else their trade was going to plummet incredibly.

Friendship treaty.

Then in 1817, after several more years of invasions by the Asante people, the British and the Dutch authorities came to terms with the Asante. The African Company of Merchants signed a friendship treaty that gave the Asante people vast amounts of land on the coast. Later in 1874 after the Asante had lost their last trading port in the Elmina castle, the Asante were back again fighting the British.

However it didn’t end so well. Ghana was colonized for a long time. British soldiers and large numbers of African auxiliaries resulted in the occupation and burning of Kumasi, the Asante capital.

Treasures of Ghana.

The Europeans that were in Ghana utilized gold, timber, and the people themselves to trade!


Ghana was once known as the “Gold Coast” because of the significant amount of gold it had. The Europeans traded their goods, for one of the most precious and valuable metals around even today. They also sold for timber, which was in surplus there as well. But one of the largest things they bought for were slaves.


Slavery, unlike as it is thought of today, was an accepted business. The slave trade overshadowed almost every other type of commerce, just showing how valuable slaves were. For the most part, men and women were captured by force and became slaves. They were also considered “junior” citizens, and were often given specific rights that they could and couldn’t do. Most got shipped off to the new world, but some stayed in the very different form of labor in Africa. Overall, the Europeans were not very vicious with the people of Ghana, however, if there were uprisings, how else can you solve the problem other than by violence.


Eternal cycle.

All of this relates to 19th-century colonization because of the British, one of the countries that colonized Ghana, introduced slavery to Ghana and the slave trade as well. Slaves primarily were taken from their villages and given to their “owners.” From there, they went on ships that brought them to the Americas, Europe, and sometimes the Caribbean. That was an imperative cycle. Americas provided the raw materials, which got shipped, to Europe where factories would make goods out of them. Africa then gave America slaves, and it was an eternal cycle.

The answer to the question who colonized Ghana and when is now given.


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