Who created YouTube?

Who managed to create YouTube? How did it become so successful giant? Who are its lucky partners? Why did they decide to create it?Brief biography and the story of creators is here!

  YouTube creators

  Few people know that the site Youtube.com originally was conceived and totally implemented as a serious dating site. But also it had one unusual ‘thing’ and it was the ability to upload a lot of your own videos. This was the idea of YouTube creators and partners: Steve Chen, Javid Karim and Chad Hurley, such site should help users to place the video with his participation easily and conveniently and relationship would be tied much easier.

  However, then users themselves decided to determine the destiny of the future of this Internet giant: the main part of videos, which were uploaded on YouTube, in general, were not about that users themselves, but what was happening around them. The YouTube creators Hurley, Karim and Chen immediately got that this was a signal of the bigger site success, which was coming up, and they decided that they needed to make rebranding.

YouTube history

YouTube history

  Who are the creators of YouTube? Hurley, Karim and Chen were previously the colleagues, working in the payment system, which was called PayPal. The first one was the chief designer. Karim and Chen were the successful design engineers. So the idea of creation of youtube.com belongs to Chad Hurley. Then he decided to ‘seduce’ his buddies. So the three friends decided to quit PayPal and begin a new exciting project.

The appearance of YouTube

appearance of YouTube

  In early 2005, Chad decided to share this idea with his colleagues, whose names were Chen and Karim. And on February 14, guys registered domain, called YouTube.com and started against the creation of a website.

  On the 23rd of April Javid put the very first video on the website. Its duration was 19 seconds. You can watch it at the end of the article.

  During this time, the audience could watch Javid Karim at popular San Diego Zoo, who was near the cage with the elephants. This video was the start of beta testing site.

YouTube videos

YouTube videos

  The final key idea of hosting Youtube.com was chosen later: the guys wanted to create a website, through which it would be very  easy to share different videos with some friends. But also another cool thing of the project was a function of evaluating other people's videos.

  Such young men appeared on the market with this idea just in needed time. After all, at first in order to send videos to friends, people have to use e-mail (which was extremely inconvenient because of its extremely small capacity), as well as the Torrent client or video hosting. The latter option was also not really perfect: when downloading video to the server the volume was strictly limited, and in order to ‘expand’ opportunities people had to pay a monthly subscription. Furthermore, the situation was clouded by the fact that it was totally impossible to watch the videos in real time. We had to wait for a long time to load it completely. And even that did not guarantee that the video will be still able to be watched.

youtube work

   Therefore, Chen, Hurley and Karim had only to consider all the pros of the existing online hostings and create something, which was completely new, focused on users who wanted to share some video content actively.

    This is the main reason of YouTube creators’ team success. This proves that not only the great idea, but also competent and creative implementation allows people to bring the idea to resounding success.

    Ease of viewing videos on Youtube hosting was provided by the fact that downloading a special player or codec was no longer needed. Developers started to use players, which were based on Macromedia Flash. Also now it became possible to look for the videos by keywords, watch video channels, etc. In addition, a YouTube video was first to get an estimation function. Consequently, the top of the most watched (and best) video clips was formed according to the expense of users’ ratings.

videos on Youtube

    Another important factor of why YouTube got into the six fastest growing hostings in the first month of its existence was the site content. The service made it possible to distribute very popular content that is usually protected by copyright. Previously finding it on the Internet was not easy.

    Growth in the number of YouTube users was achieved through viral widget marketing. With the advent of video service, everyone, who wanted to have that opportunity, could embed any video from YouTube into a blog post, in the forum, the discussion, etc. Especially this possibility came to mind to MySpace.com site users.

    In addition, it was carried out against a background of even greater access to broadband Internet. Its price fell, prices became more affordable, there appeared more and more opportunities.

 YouTube developers

    YouTube developers were also lucky, because of the fact that different computer technologies had also become much easier and more affordable. It became possible to connect inexpensive digital video camera or even a mobile phone camera to a computer via USB-port or FireWire. In this regard, it has become very popular to use video blogging, and YouTube could provide a convenient place for those who want to see and look at others.

    Youtube.com also made a kind of revolution: through the keywords that add to each downloaded video, now everyone can find other similar videos, it has become much easier.

Investors of YouTube

Investors of YouTube

    The rapid growth of the company has attracted the attention of Sequoia Capital and Time Warner venture capital funds. In November 2005 Sequoia Capital has invested $ 3 million in the YouTube, which enabled the creators of this video service to give it public access. November 22, 2005 is considered to be the date of birth of the well-known YouTube.

    Sequoia Capital Venture Fund initially invested $ 11.5 million in the YouTube, and subsequently investors controlled about 30% of the shares, when  the total value of which reached $ 495 million, and it was almost forty-three times more than the original investment amount.

Further development of service, which was called Youtube

development of youtube

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    The sharp jolt for YouTube traffic growth was a daily lottery player iPod Nano 4Gb, which was organized at the expense of investors. Amount of visits of the site from 50 million per day in December rose to 250 million in January 2006. This also contributed to the video upload, shown in the episode of music and humorous show Saturday Night Live on NBC.

    In May, the company Alexa Internet, worked as an analyst, said that the daily attendance of Youtube.com equals 2 billion. This number put the site on the 10th place according to the attendance in the United States of America.

youtube service

    MySpace, felt that because of the huge profit loses, it prohibited links to YouTube video hosting and opened its own service for uploading and sharing videos. But it was never destined to be successful.

    An interesting curiosity caused the rapid growth in popularity of YouTube. For some reason, it was associated with a certain service name, it happened when the company Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment filed a lawsuit in court. The essence of the claim was the fact that users, who input the wrong name of the site in the address bar, got to Utube.com site, owned by the media giant. Due to the large amounts of website errors Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment was often not available. The claim has not been satisfied, and the company had to change the address of their domain to Utubeonline.com.

small tablet

    YouTube popularity continues to grow, and by July the site already moved to 5th place in the ranking of the most popular sites in the United States. And there is a serious reason: about 100 million of views wvery day and 200 million of unique visitors per day, add to that almost 70 thousand downloads of videos every day and you get a super popular video hosting, called Youtube.com.

YouTube and Google

YouTube and Google

  In 2006, the company got a few very lucrative contracts for live broadcasts with the media giants such as, for example, Sony BMG, Warner Music, Universal Music Group and others. So it became clear that YouTube managed to attract Google. And already in November 2006, it was officially known about the absorption of YouTube LLC by Google search engine.

They paid $ 1.6 billion of shares. After purchasing, Google Video service was reoriented in videosearch of existing video sharing in the internet. And in 2010, there are two more key events in the life of YouTube:

  • There appeared the transfer of the video from Google Video to YouTube, preserving links;
  • Chad Hurley leaved the post of CEO, and Salar Kamangar got his place.

 However, Chad is still the technical and ideological consultant of YouTube. A man is still a member of the Board of Directors. Chad still takes a very active part in the life of the largest video hosting.



    YouTube's popularity today – it is the world's third site. Perhaps someday YouTube.com will take the place of modern television. YouTube already has an online broadcast of concerts, lectures and workshops, which you can watch live stream.

    So, the simple dating site developed into a brand new video hosting, winning the people's love and also huge popularity. It was really a huge achievement. Well, YouTube became able to overtake a lot of already famous existing competitors (such as Vimeo.com, which was created in 2004 and also Google Video). And, what was most important, its story does not stop here.

YouTube's popularity

Thanks to the clever creators and partners YouTube managed to become legendary.

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