Who expensive is Tupac Shakur’s prison Bible?

How expensive is the Bible, signed and read by Tupac Shakur in prison? Learn now.


This rapper has become a legend. That’s why some of its possessions are sold to raise money. Presently the item in interest is his old Bible the man used to read in prison. Learn what the price tag of it is.

How much for the Shakur’s prison Bible?

The rapper has been in the Clinton Correctional Facility. That term in prison has taught him many lessons. But there he found comfort in reading the Bible. Presently such a book with his signature is on sale. However, only rich people can afford to by this printed copy of the Word of God.

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It costs 54 thousand dollars or over 24 million naira. The man got to prison being accused in raping a woman back in 1995. The prison was a pretty tough place, as it is the maximum security penitentiary in the USA.

Tupac had much trouble in his life, but some of the lessons he teaches us are precious. And one of them is this: God is willing to forgive a sinner, who turns to His Word.

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