Who has the biggest fake boobs?

Do you know whose boobs are the biggest in the world? Read this article and find out!

biggest fake boobs

For some girls getting bigger boobs becomes the main purpose in life. That’s why some of them go for fake boobs by doing plastic surgeries.

Celebrities are more likely to do that kind of things as they are always in public and they also can afford it. However, there are also ordinary girls who would do anything to increase their breast size.

Meet a girl with the biggest fake boobs

Mayra Hills comes from Germany. She works as a model and she considers her boobs the biggest fake boobs in the world. It’s hard to argue with that because if you see her photos, the truth becomes obvious.

They are extremely heavy and their size is so big that they can’t fit in any kind of bra. However, there are some bras specially designed for her breast size, which is 32Z – certainly the biggest in the world.

Therefore, it’s impossible for the German model to buy clothes in normal shops. She has to order everything in ateliers.

Mayra says that people are often surprised when they see her. Some of them laugh and some of them ask her about her life with the biggest fake boobs ever.

When she goes shopping she gets asked to try on normal-size clothing just to see how it will look like on her. However, she doesn’t seem to be complaining about having that much attention.

Moreover, she doesn’t find it a problem to look for clothes in special stores.

biggest fake boobs

She thinks that there are more important issues. For instance, sometimes it’s harder to see and therefore, there are more chances to trip over things.

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She often posts the pictures of her with bras or even without it to show and remind people how big her fake boobs are.

She often makes jokes about her breasts and she seems to be perfectly fine with them.

She laughs that sometimes she finds it difficult to control them which creates a lot of problems. For example, she can fall or break something in the house.

It might seem surprising, but she is also managing to do sport. She posts pictures of her workouts quite often.

Mayra admits that she wouldn’t mind to get in the Guinness World Records but they haven’t accepted her yet as they pay more attention to the natural features and talents of the people.

The reasons for having fake boobs

biggest fake boobs

There are different opinions about girls making plastic surgeries with the purpose to increase their breast size.

Some people think that the beauty should remain natural while others argue that they have a right to do whatever they want. But it’s still hard for many people to understand why some women do it.

But everything is not as simple as it might seem.

Why do women prefer fake boobs?

Age is an important factor here. If you look at the statistics, it’s not the young girls who do it more often. In the United States there is a huge percent of women older 30 who make plastic surgeries.

The reason for it is that it’s the time when they are having babies. It is a well-known fact that the body of woman changes a lot when she is getting ready to give birth.

Her breasts increase in size but they get smaller really fast after delivery. That’s why they want to have big boobs back. They were used to it and they felt comfortable like that.

If we talk about plastic surgeries in general, the younger generation of women tends to change only their face – lips or nose.

It means that they still feel themselves not beautiful enough but they don’t care about their breast size that much.

Younger generation changing the breast size

The reason for younger girls to do these kinds of plastic surgeries might be the influence of media. We hear about the perfect bodies all the time if we turn on the TV.

biggest fake boobs

The young girls start looking at themselves more critically which makes them want to change something. That’s how commercials earn money on girls by basically ruining their lives.

However, in many countries you have to reach certain age in order to be able to do a plastic surgery on your boobs. As a rule you have to be at least twenty two as only then your breasts are going to stop changing.

The only times when girls have a permission to do plastic surgeries is when they have health issues. There are some cases when the breasts of a girl are asymmetrical.

It is usually the surgeon who takes care that the procedure is totally safe for a girl. Moreover, there are also men who sometimes need a help of a plastic surgeon too.

It’s not only boobs but also the face defects that make it necessary to change the outlook of people. All in all, the younger generation is more likely to have those kinds of surgeries only if there is a need for it.

The cases when youngsters are willing to change themselves just because they don’t like something about their appearance don’t happen that often.

However, if we are speaking about girls like that German model, the only purpose of getting big boobs is to draw attention.

It is obvious that life with the huge fake boobs is very uncomfortable so there are not a lot of women who will have a desire to do the same plastic surgery.

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