Who has the longest eyelashes in the world?

Did you know that the longest eyelashes in the world belong to a man?! Read more about it in this article!

longest eyelashes

A lot of girls have to buy makeup in order to make their lips look bigger or to make their eyelashes longer. But did you know that there is a man who has the longest real eyelashes?! That’s right, no makeup – just nature!

But is it really that simple?

All the girls become jealous when they see a guy whose eyelashes are longer than theirs. But would you even think that a person with the longest eyelashes ever would turn out to be a man?

Well, this guy comes from Ukraine and he is very proud of himself. Right now he is 58 and his eyelashes are just gigantic. He says that it’s not that simple – he had a special diet that helped him become the way he is now.

However, he doesn’t want to reveal his beauty secrets!

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His name is Valery Smagliy and he lives in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. During his interview he was saying that he wasn’t born this way but he knows the secret of having long and healthy eyelashes.

The point when everything changed was when he started to eat differently. Food plays an important role in our appearance. But Valery doesn’t want to say anything specific.

He doesn’t name any products so we just have to guess or come to the conclusion ourselves.

He says that he loves his longest eyelashes and he gets a lot of compliments from women. However, it’s not that comfortable anymore. After a few years he has made a decision to get rid of them.

No matter how many times he was asked to share his secret, he always refused.

longest eyelashes

He thinks that media might use it in a wrong way and that’s why he wants to remain the only person with such amazing longest eyelashes in the world.

Moreover, he doesn’t want women to know it as there is no guarantee that the same method will work on everyone in the same way.

Having the longest eyelashes ever – is it hard?

Valery says that he gets a lot of attention and sometimes even random people come up to him and ask if his eyelashes are real.

Moreover, when he is talking to others, he notices that every single person is staring at his eyelashes and doesn’t really listen to what he is saying. Sometimes it can be very annoying.

Even though he feels himself very unique, it is not that easy to have eyelashes that are that long! It hard to see and it also makes it harder to open and close his eyes.

But before that he wants to get into the Guinness Book of Records as he thinks that his eyelashes are the longest in the whole world.

According to his measurements, the length of the eyelashes is now about three cm. But it’s not going to stay like that for a long time.

If you look at the Guinness Book of Records you will find that the record like that was already established about 9 years ago by Stuart Muller. His eyelashes were tremendous – 7 cm!

When the journalists asked Valery if he wanted to beat the record, he didn’t look confident enough. He said that it’s a nice opportunity but it’s not worth it.

His family also admires him but thinks that his well-being is more important than just a page in the book.

longest eyelashes

The exact length is not known yet but the National Records Book experts promised to inform us as soon as possible.

Do you also want to have long eyelashes?

All the women have dreamt about it at least once in their lives. Moreover, it is more important that they are thick rather than just long.

The difference is extremely visible – that’s why a lot of people tend to do desperate things in order to make their eyelashes look better.

There are a lot of ways you can change the outlook of your eyelashes but don’t go for anything extreme before you talk to your doctor.

First of all, the health of the eyelashes depends on your body health in general.  Moreover, older people tend to have thinner eyelashes and it’s absolutely normal for their age.

Some women suffer from the sickness and there is nothing they can do about it. However, if you are not one of those kinds of people, the first advice would be to always remove your makeup before you go to bed!

If you don’t do it regularly, the consequences will be awful.

longest eyelashes

Your eyelashes will become weak, thin and short. And they might also start falling out. So choose what you want and go for it!

So remember – always take care of your eyelashes and make sure not to put too much mascara as it will also ruin their texture. How simple is it?!

But if it doesn’t help, there are more ways to keep your eyelashes beautiful and strong. It will cost you a lot of effort but the outcome will totally be worth it!

Moreover, there is no guarantee that everything will work – you would have to try a lot of things to see which one is for you.

Keep the eyelashes nice and long!

This oil is generally very useful to moisture your face but it can also be used to cure your eyelashes. The vitamins contained in olive oil will make them strong and long.

If you have light eyelashes, keep in mind that it will make them darker.

You can also try the massage – but you have to be careful with that. If you rub your eyes with the fingers too hard, it will damage both your eyesight and eyelashes.

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