Who has the longest hair in the world?

Who is the official owner of the longest hair in the world? Is it difficult to take care of long hair nowadays? Everything you wanted to know about extremely long hair right here!

colorful hair

In the world of beauty well-groomed and long hair always attracts attention. Barely every girl tries to grow gorgeous hair. However, young guys are trying too. Anyway, they are still far away from the champions with the longest hair. In the world there only a couple of people, who can boast their very long hair.

World's longest hair

longest hair

 Officially the owner of the longest hair in the world is the Chinese resident. A woman, whose name is Xie Qiuping due gorgeous curls appeared even in the Guinness Book of Records.

When the experts measured the hair length and it showed 5,627 feet. And to achieve this stunning result, women had to avoid visits to hairdressers for 13 years. However, in fact the longest hair in the world was the biggest pride of the completely different person. Unknown Indian beauty managed to grow record-length hair.

Her locks were 7 meters and 92 centimeters long. But this record still wasn’t included in the Guinness Book of Records, and is therefore is unofficial.

asha mandela

And there is another record breaker, however, her hair did not grow up to such an impressive length, she is not ‘the longest hair lady’, yet we can only envy the patience and perseverance of women. American Asha Mandela grew hair much more to 2 meters and 60 centimeters. She became well-known to the world as the owner of ‘the longest dreads on Earth’. And to keep the hair in order, she has to spend a lot of time and a whole bottle of shampoo and air conditioner at once. Ashe admits that previously she washed her hair three times a week, but now it takes really a lot of time, so she decided to do it only once a week. By the way, American began raising her hair about 20 years ago.

ni linmei

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And one more owner of very long hair. 55-year-old resident of China, Ni Linmei, raised about 2.5 meters of her hair. She spent about 14 years of life on that. Mother of two children living in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, is very proud of her record. Even the fact that she has to spend plenty of time taking care of beautiful hair, does not confuse a woman. Linmei even does not think about a haircut or to get rid of the incredibly long hair. She always refuses the very lucrative offers. She is regularly offered to give her hair on the wigs, to sacrifice her beautiful locks in favor of women, who cannot boast their healthy, long hair.

By the way, Ms Linme spends several hours a day, and that's just combing. How much time is spent on cleaning and how often a woman buys shampoo - mystery. Now experts of Guinness Book of Records recommend Chinese lady to write a book about how to take care of long hair properly and to uncover some secrets for millions of women around the world.

Longest hair family

rapunzel family

This cute family is also called Rapunzel family. Well, can you guess why? Tere Lynn and her daughters have extremely long hair. The mothers’: 73-inch, eldest daughter Callan has 36 inch locks, Cendalyn, who is nine, also has 36, Chesney, six years old, 26 inch hair. Can you imagine how much shampoo they need?

Longest hair guy

longest hair guy

 Another owner of extremely long hair. At this time it’s a man. A resident of Vietnam Tran Van Hai grew so long hair that any woman would envy. However, now the champion is no longer alive. And at the time of his death, the hair length was 6 meters and 80 centimeters. However, this result is not recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Tran Van Hay didn’t cut his hair for 50 years. All because he noticed that he started to get sick after each visit to any hairdresser.

Tran Van Hay did not bother to care about his appearance and his hair. Therefore, it was more like a thick curls rope. He was putting it around his head, getting some sort of weird cap. According to the man, in that way his hair bothered him the least. 

However, the hair of such immense length in general is very difficult to maintain. Therefore, even hair washing turns into serious problems. After all, in order to wash the hair a person needs a few hours a day and one bottle of shampoo. Also you should add drying and combing.

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Therefore, hair care can last or a day, maybe more. It turns out quite a troublesome task, even though it is held only once a few weeks (for the hair of such length). That is why Tran Van Hay did not wash his hair for several years. By the way, the appearance of Vai Hay Tran, and in particular his hair, helped him to maintain the image at work. Man specialized in the treatment of alternative medicine. His house in the province of Kien Gian was constantly opened to all comers.  He helped people get rid of various diseases, completely free.

Previously to Tran Van Hay there was another record for the length of the hair. A man named Hu Satio lived in Thailand. His hair had grown to 5 meters 79 centimeters. Unfortunately, the owner of this luxury died in the early 2000s. Relatives said that the champion ‘invited the death himself’. All because Hu Satio quite often had the journalists visiting him at home, moreover, he allowed everyone to admire his hair and photograph with him. And according to the known unwritten law of that place, it is a big sin, because hair is considered an intimate part of everyone's body.

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