Who invented the Internet?

Who was the first person, who created the Internet for global use? What was the initial purpose of the Internet? Read the information below to learn more interesting facts about it.

who invented the internet

Who really invented the Internet?

The Internet became an irreplaceable part of our life. In several years, the Internet became popular among millions of people. Now many of us don't imagine life without this brilliant invention. And did you sometimes think of the one to whom we are grateful for such an interesting and useful thing? Who invented the Internet? Who is a founder of the Global network? And in general, why the Internet was invented in the first place?

In 1957, the U.S. Department of Defense has for the first time thought of reliable information transfer. It was necessary to create such system of transmission of messages that even in the case of nuclear war this system hasn't glitched. The American agency of research for defensive projects had an idea to use computers as sources of getting and transfer of the information. And for this purpose, it was necessary to develop the computer network. Four universities of the USA had to realize the idea:  the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Utah, the university in Santa Barbara, and Standford research center. In 1969, the talented group of scientists has created the computer network under the name ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which has united these 4 universities.

By 1973, the ARPANET network became international. By means of a transatlantic telephone cable, the organizations from Norway and Great Britain were connected to the network. By the end of the 70th, they have begun to work on standardization of protocols of data, which have been successfully and actively standardized in 1982-1983.

internet invention

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Active part in the development of network protocols was taken by John Postel. As John Postel is the author of many network protocols, which are used to this day – IP, ICMP, TCP, FTP, DNS, – many call him the guy who has created the Internet or the father of the Internet. By the beginning of 1983, after the ARPANET network has passed to the protocol of merging of TCP/IP networks, the name, which we successfully use now also, was assigned to it. All this time the computer network was available to a limited number of people. And only in 1991, after standardization of the WWW pages, the World Wide Web becomes the public invention of the United States.

As you understand, it is impossible to answer unambiguously in what year the Internet was created, because the concept 'Internet' and our modern worldwide network has appeared much later, then the idea of creation and its predecessor, ARPANET network. But these questions can be united with such question: who and when has thought up and has created the first Internet network? In 1957, the idea has come to mind of experts from DARPA (the agency of defensive research projects of the USA) and 12 years the later group of talented university scientists has created the first computer network ARPANET. And in our modern Internet was created, as you can define for yourself, in 1983 when the person invented the network or in 1991 when the network became public property.

In conclusion, it is worth to tell that it is impossible to allocate the one and only person from a group of people who worked on the creation of the worldwide computer network and has thought up the Internet. The mankind went to this opening gradually. Nikola Tesla in 1908 speaking about the ideas of application of electric information communication has predicted the emergence of the Global network: ‘When the project will be complete, the man in New York will be able to dictate instructions, and they will immediately appear at his office in London. Any image, a symbol, the drawing, the text can be transferred from one place to another in the same way. And the most important facts are that all this will be transferred without wires.’

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