Who is the oldest person in Africa

Think you are old and wise enough? Learn more about people, who seemed to make a deal with death - the oldest on our planet.

How long may people live? Where can you find the oldest person on Earth? Is it possible s/he lives in Africa? Find out right now who is the oldest person in Africa!

Who is the oldest person in Africa

Life duration factors

Is everyone able to live till age of 100 or longer? The answer is probably positive. However, it is vital to understand, there are plenty of influential factors for life expectancy (measures of how long organism can live). It is based upon:

  • year of birth,
  • age,
  • gender,
  • other demographic features.

Some important factors can make life longer or shorter. Let’s observe the most common ones:

  1. Poverty rate. It is often happens that poor counters have higher death rates. Besides, infant mortality is higher also. That’s why it is difficult to live a long life there. Moreover, it usually prevents access to clear water and sanitation. This fact leads to diseases’ expansion.
    poverty in older age
  2. Illnesses. There are places, where lots of people suffer from various ailments. Some of them're inborn and incurable, such as AIDS. Many African countries are actually very vulnerable. The fact that medical assistance isn't available in particular places makes the situation even worse.
  3. Education. People, who are literate, usually have better chances to survive. Reason is they can find good job and to get money for living. Besides, they know more about contraception and medicine.
    lack of education in africa
  4. Diet. The way a person eats is very vital for life expectancy. If you choose healthy and nutritious food, you will obviously live longer. On the contrary, if you consume lots of fats, it might shorten your life.
    secret of longevity
  5. Habits. For longer life, it's necessary to develop positive habits and to follow healthy lifestyle. It may be good to do sports, eat healthy food, sleep enough, and so on. Such habits should be developed at the earliest age in family.

Now when you know these factors, we may answer who is the oldest person in Africa. Besides the listed ones, your origin as well as genes may have certain effect on your life.

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World oldest man

oldest ethiopian man

You might get surprised, but the oldest person alive is found in Africa. It's hard to believe, because African countries are among those, which are very prone to various problems, such as poverty, diseases, and others. In fact, there're even several persons, who have been announced to live the longest life.

One of them is Ethiopian oldest man. He is now over 160 years old. Dhaqabo Ebbais a retired farmer, who has been called the oldest according to the media reports.

Guinness Book of RecordsAfter being found, he was interviewed. He could actually remember many historical events. His recollections were very vivid and remarkable. His story was even translated into English. However, there are no evidence of the year of his birth. The majority of Ethiopian people do not still have birth certificates. The only thing, which proves his origin, is his memories. It is also impossible to find anyone to corroborate his story, as he has outlived everyone of his generation. That’s why he is not added to Guinness Book of Records. There were not any medical assessments of his age made either. If he says the truth though, he might be called the oldest person in Africa.

Johanna Mazibukoand Another person was found in South Africa. Her name is Johanna Mazibukoand she is over 120 by now. She lives in the southwest of Johannesburg with one of her sons (who is about 80 now). She has already outlived the rest of kids. According to data from her identity papers, she was born on the 11th of May in 1894. This woman is still trying to be active and is very proud of herself being able to make her bed every day. Her son assures, she is able to move, but it might be difficult for her to stand for long time. Home affairs ministry of South Africa has not confirmed her identity. Nevertheless, the reporters claim that they have seen a copy of her identity documents. If it is true, then this woman has lived during the era of British colonialism and has witnessed the era of democracy.

Jeanne Calment The fact is that the records in Guinness Book are as follows: the oldest woman in the world was Jeanne Calment (France). She was almost 123 and died in 1997. Then there was Misao Okawa. This Japanese woman died in 2015 at age of 117. Current record-holder is Susannah Mushatt Jones. She was born in 1899. Now she is 116 years old. She lives in New York, the USA. By now, she is the officially oldest living person in the world.

There have been many records set in the recent years. The population keeps growing, and more people, who've managed to live long lives, appear. If you follow healthy lifestyle, develop positive habits, and do sports, you can become the next world record-holder. Try and get listed in Guinness Book of Records! This opportunity is open for everyone. The only thing you need is to be strict to yourself and make enough efforts.

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To my mind, now, at the period of Global warming, different kinds of pollytion adnd low level of life, is very good when the person achieves at least 60 -70 years old. Although I am 27 years old, I hope at least to see my grandchildren and it is all. This article, by writing such possibilities, gives me, and other people, who think in the same way, a hope that I may also have a long life. In my opinion, we should protect such people and listen carefully their life stories to take something interesting and useful to ourselves.

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